[TEP-122] Enhancing NFTs with Onchain Reveal Mechanics: A Draft Standard for Transparent Content Updates


In the evolving landscape of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the demand for innovative features that enhance user engagement and trust is ever-increasing. This document introduces a draft standard, identified as TEP-0, proposed by Andrey Tvorozhkov, which aims to extend the NFT standard with onchain reveal mechanics. The proposed standard, marked as a draft and created on 31st October 2022, seeks to provide a transparent and fair method for revealing the contents of distributed NFTs, addressing the common concerns associated with the integrity of the reveal process in NFT collections.


Detail Information
Title Onchain Reveal Mechanic
Status Draft
Type Contract Interface
Authors Andrey Tvorozhkov
Created 31.10.2022
Replaces -
Replaced by -


The proposal is motivated by the need for a transparent and fair mechanism to reveal the contents of NFTs post-distribution. Traditional methods, which rely on external messages for content updates, lack transparency and can undermine trust among users. By enabling onchain reveal mechanics, the standard aims to ensure fairness in the distribution of NFT contents, thus fostering greater confidence in the process.

Specification Highlights

The standard introduces specific enhancements to both the NFT collection and individual NFT items to support onchain reveals:

Collection Side Enhancements

  • New GET Method (get_reveal_data): Allows retrieval of information about the remaining NFT content available for reveal.
  • Internal Message Extensions: Include nft_reveal_nft_request, nft_reveal_success_collection_response, and collection_add_reveal_batch for managing the reveal process and content pool.

NFT Side Enhancements

  • New GET Method (get_reveal_mode): Indicates the current reveal status of the NFT item.
  • Internal Message Extension (nft_reveal_user_request): Enables users to initiate a reveal request for their NFT item.

Comparison with Existing Solutions

Feature Onchain Reveal Mechanic Traditional Reveal Methods
Transparency High, due to onchain mechanics Low, often opaque due to backend processes
User Trust Enhanced by transparent processes Potentially compromised without transparency
Implementation Requires specific smart contract extensions Relies on external messages and backend updates
User Engagement Potentially higher due to interactive reveals Passive, with limited user interaction
Flexibility Standardized for ease of use across applications Varies widely, often custom to each collection


The proposal acknowledges potential challenges, including the complexity of implementing onchain reveal mechanisms and the need for adherence to the proposed standard for effective interoperability.

Rationale and Alternatives

The onchain reveal mechanic is presented as the optimal solution for enhancing transparency and trust in NFT reveals. Alternatives considered include off-chain solutions, which lack the transparency and trustworthiness that onchain processes can provide. The decision to focus on onchain mechanisms stems from the desire to standardize the reveal process, making it more accessible and reliable for developers and users alike.


The Onchain Reveal Mechanic standard represents a significant step forward in the quest for transparency and fairness in the NFT space. By providing a standardized, transparent method for revealing NFT contents, the proposal addresses key concerns related to trust and engagement in NFT collections. As the standard moves from draft to implementation, it has the potential to reshape how NFT reveals are conducted, offering a more interactive and trustworthy experience for users across the blockchain ecosystem.