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TELE Protocol

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Token IDO

  1. Funds raised: We intended to raise 150-200k and actually raised 150,000 USDT on TonUP and 50,000 USDT on GoWrap, totally 200,000 USDT.

  2. Participants: Double confirmed, totally around 300 wallets, roughly half from TonUP and half from GoWrap, with nearly 50% of them bought a hard cap. And all these are sold in a few minutes, so hundreds failed to buy due to huge demand but limited supply.

TonUP whitelist round:
TonUP public round: EQCK…0goE · Tonviewer

  1. TELE Gate List

On Gate startup activity, we received over 9M USDT subscriptions.

TELE is listed on Gate and trading started on 31 March. TELE price raised by 1500% over IDO price at listing and now remains 400% over IDO price despite the selling pressure from minter rewards.


Uers: 42,627
Total Transaction: 83,712

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