Technical Overview: Migration to TON Blockchain's Toncenter V3 API

The Open Network (TON) Blockchain is set to release the latest version of its Toncenter V3 API, necessitating migration for early adopters. This technical post outlines the key changes and required actions for a seamless transition.

Key Changes in Toncenter V3 API

Feature Old Format New Format
Hash Encoding Hexadecimal Base64
Array Return Format Direct Array Object with Array (e.g., {transactions: []})
Address Fields _friendly address fields address_book hashmap
Transaction State Hashes account_state_after_hash & account_state_before_hash Removed

Migration Timeline

Required Actions for Early Adopters

  1. Switch to Migrate Endpoint: If you are currently using the V3 API, switch your product to the migrate endpoint.
  2. Migrate to New V3 API Format: After switching, migrate your product to the new V3 API format located on the stage URLs.

Invitation for New V3 Users

If you have not yet adopted the V3 API, we invite you to try it after the public release next week.

Note for V2 API Users

No action is required from users of the V2 API.

This migration is a significant step for TON Blockchain’s ecosystem, ensuring a more robust and efficient API for developers. Early adopters are encouraged to act promptly to ensure a smooth transition to the new V3 API.

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