sTONks the tool saving time and nerves

In today’s post, we will present you a :robot: product that can save you time and nerves. At the end, there is also a contest waiting for you!

If you have been working on TON for some time, you have surely noticed that DEXes are not yet the most stable, and can play tricks.

The project we want to present to you - @tonstonks

Thanks to this bot, you can buy or sell a token in less than 20 seconds by pasting the contract and choosing the amount.

This construction bypasses many problems, such as:

• problems with page loading • problems with connecting the wallet • problems with the loading time of entered data

sTONks is also very informative in addition to being fast. After pasting the CA, you will see not only the purchase buttons, but also: • MCAP • amount of TON in LP • number of holders

The TonPoland community often uses the bot especially if they want to buy a token as quickly as possible, the bot does not yet have LP sniping, but soon this should appeal to many of the sTONKs options

If you are interested in sTONks and want to save your time and make it easier to buy tokens, you can do it here remember that this bot is a NotSelfCustodial wallet, so immediately after creating a wallet to have access to our funds, for example during technical breaks.

For the contest you can refer to this post


If you want to join their telegram community you can do so here


Best trading bot on TON