Stonfi new token

STONFI expects to release a new DISTON token, what do you expect from the token? How do you see his prospects and future?

Taking into account the fact that STONFI is one of the leading exchanges, it is likely that they will make a useful product, but time will tell the truth, and you and I will continue to assume


hi, can you please tell me more about the exit, please ,the project is very interesting


or to dump the site for this token?)


As far as I understand, DISTON is the currency in the STONfi channel in Discord, which is awarded to active users. At the end of March, it is possible to exchange DISTON for STON if you have fulfilled several conditions: 1) the trading turnover on STONfi is more than 100 TONS, 2) a high-quality article on social networks about STONfi, for which he received an award in DISTON.


As far as I know, DISTON is a coin that has a lot to do with the Discord platform, but from my experience on DC, I didn’t feel the community’s enthusiasm for it, and I encountered some difficulties in its operation, and I’m puzzled as to why this project doesn’t do it on Telegram, maybe it’s trying to expand to a social platform that is used by more people on the WEB3, but honestly, I’m currently don’t really see it as a good idea.


آینده ای رویایی رو قطعا پیش رو خواهد داشت


i trust you ma brk…to the moon ,