[Status] Tracking the Progress of Gram Givers: An Insightful Overview by Gusarich


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency mining, keeping track of available resources is crucial. The Givers Monitoring tool, created with ChatGPT by Gusarich and accessible via this link, offers a comprehensive overview of the current status of Gram Givers in the TON blockchain ecosystem.

Current State of Gram Givers

As of the latest update, the total balance held by all Gram Givers stands at 4,458,118,300 GRAM out of an initial 5,000,000,000 GRAM. This indicates that approximately 10.84% of the Grams have been mined so far.

Detailed Breakdown of Givers

The Gram Givers are categorized into four groups based on the amount of GRAM they hold: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their current balances:

  • Extra Small Givers:
    Each of these givers holds a substantial amount of Grams, ranging from 349,728,500 to 349,778,600 GRAM across ten different givers.

  • Small Givers:
    The balances of the Small Givers are slightly lower, varying between 72,891,000 and 73,348,000 GRAM among ten givers.

  • Medium Givers:
    These givers have more significant amounts, with balances ranging from 12,890,000 to 28,730,000 GRAM, also spread across ten different givers.

  • Large Givers:
    Interestingly, all Large Givers currently show a balance of 0 GRAM, indicating that their reserves have been entirely mined.

Implications for Miners

This detailed overview of the Givers’ balances is instrumental for miners in strategizing their mining activities. By analyzing these balances, miners can identify which givers might offer the most lucrative mining opportunities.


The Givers Monitoring tool provides an essential service for those involved in mining Grams on the TON blockchain. By offering real-time insights into the distribution and availability of Grams, it helps miners make informed decisions, enhancing their mining efficiency. Keep an eye on this tool for ongoing updates and strategic planning in your mining endeavors.


Interestingly the Large Givers (100000 Grams) were depleted in a very short time

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"After carefully analyzing the situation, it’s evident that there’s a significant concentration of GRAM tokens in a small number of contracts. Specifically, each of the ten contracts holds 25,000,000 GRAM, amounting to a total of 250,000,000 GRAM. This is a substantial portion of the tokens, and the rapid depletion rate observed suggests a very high level of activity or transactions involving these contracts.

Here are the contract addresses in question:

  1. EQDUIeTNcRUqsz4bugyWl4q4vg16PN2EwiyyAIEbf7_WJZZH
  2. EQC4qKAIM0Od4RFG-4MAY0dJ3j4Wrcs0jc1XeWKJURYB9KSz
  3. EQC0Ssi1gl0IQKEGsCp91NeiTThdMqCzYvlX9sVLEU97rWqL
  4. EQDO2_2zkIJPqBKeE_P1VvDYOJi1vGPgiKo0Aa6Z-bY7BeuG
  5. EQADEy4zcVl-ADNMISdYSs5cVjJcHmwC9_phXXjqNKgME7j6
  6. EQDWELx3CYohD9sIjhyEIhP915kL_3XthqruCbmcB0YTWDqQ
  7. EQDdoh2hzGFHdQtiXJNPNrwA8yIGd4-sFxyuEr3z6JL5BIFi
  8. EQALXKp6G-IjWTPEqFKILkqcql-43DcoPzJ21Z02abpBPaQK
  9. EQBAHXFxs1ohHY2bzW9A-V0NDznkFlROkNF_oyppxlLfsyEJ
  10. EQCUwgBew9u4NwwuFsfPsXX9a69K55uFcieaHtc-c37OYDJO

Such a swift drain of resources from these contracts could have multiple implications for the network’s economy, depending on the nature of these transactions and the intent behind them. It’s crucial for the community and the network’s stakeholders to monitor these developments closely and perhaps investigate the reasons behind this sudden movement of funds. Understanding the dynamics at play here is key to maintaining the stability and integrity of the network."

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any solution or suggestion about this?

If the large giver already be mined.


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Now the mid-level contracts are drying up too

How much 1000 GRAM blocks do we have left? And why does the monitoring not work

You can try https://gram.doge.tg/

Mainly because
https://ton.access.orbs.network/ api cannot be used

Thanks, I found this too – GitHub - petrovxyz/Gram-Givers-Monitoring

It works running the html page locally.

It seems on the one you gave me the time left is not accurate, I dont think the small givers will be drained in 30 minutes, lol. I hear speculation of 3-9 days.

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