🔥 SpinnerCoin – Spin your spinner in Web3

  • Project’s Name: SpinnerCoin

  • Project’s MiniApp: Telegram: Contact @SpinnerCoin_bot

  • Project’s Twitter: x.com

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    • Add the name you indicated in the bot for SDK integration: SpinnerCoin
  • Tymofii Denysiuk

  • Telegram: Contact @co_durov

  • :fire: SpinnerCoin introduces an innovative Play-to-Earn (P2E ) gaming experience leveraging the power of TON blockchain technology, combined with exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs ). Spin your spinners in Web3, farm $SPN, and of course, expect new cool updates. Everyone has the unique spinner. Upgrade your spinners, compete and more.

    Every player in Telegram: Contact @SpinnerCoin_bot has the ability to upgrade their Spinner, turn it into an NFT, and start spinning it just like in Web2

    The spinning feature becomes available after reaching level 12.
    With spinning, earning $SPN becomes easier and faster

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