Silencing the situation

Good afternoon to all participants.
I think this question concerns many people, why there is no news about the last drop for NFT.
When to wait for the drop for those who forgot and?
Why is this situation is silent and moving forward in the solution?


Namely, why do official sources write about a successful drop if thousands of people missed and forgot ?
Please clarify this situation and give a full answer .
What to do for all those who did not get the drop and whether it will be at all ?


hi, i dunno where else to write it, so I will write here, I also did not receive anything UQA3rXhCmA8AvOREIEbv0fs1mQVnvrKZX5i9rjXkAzB7BGST

I am very disappointed, everyone who did activity on getgems , did not give a drop. I have no desire to participate in other drops, because next time they will tell us again that there was a mistake, you will not get the drop.


There were guys who received all three tiers of drop simultaneously. There were bunch of ppl who received nothing even if they were eliglible. Someone created a huge fookup. I’m sure that conducting that rules will cost a lot. Besides they are aware that ppl wolud forget (or forgotten already). As a part of community I don’t like to be fooled by TF. On the other hand - I understand it. But surely I don’t like the way they dealed with it. Mistakes may happen. But there’s lack of word “sorry” tho.