Seed (Seeds of TON) is a new social GameFi game that is currently being developed on the TON ecosystem

“Seeds of TON” is a GameFi game focused on socializing, aiming to closely connect players through the TON ecosystem, allowing people to enjoy the fun of planting, cultivation, and socializing while earning generous rewards. This game does not require any specific conditions, and every player can freely explore and experience its rich content.

In the game, players will have the opportunity to obtain various rewards, including NFTs, Coins, unique gifts, and points, which not only enhance the fun of the game but also provide players with more motivation. Currently, “Seeds of TON” is actively being built in the TON ecosystem and is expected to officially meet everyone in early July.

We encourage players to actively invite their friends to join the Seed community and jointly build this vibrant and fun game world. By inviting friends, players can not only expand their social circle but also earn more rewards, achieving a win-win situation. Let’s look forward to the official launch of “Seeds of TON” and invite more friends to join this community full of opportunities and challenges!
telegram: Telegram: Contact @SeedsofTON