$SAU - Sheikh DAO / P2E / NFT Staking

Saudis are here to save TON


Is the monetary webApp game in the strategy genre with a social aspect, allowing participants to create and monetize their own world. The scarcity of plots for building cities will create focal points (centers) that attract user attention, increasing the income of cluster creators.

SAU tokens will be used to purchase plots, goods, and services in the virtual world.
SAU will also be used to incentivize content creation and decision-making by users, thereby creating a decentralized virtual world.

Rocket building

  • Fairlaunch SAU
  • NFT Staking for SAU token
  • Trading farmed SAU outside the exchange on OTC
    → Moon flight
    → WebApp update
    → Moon map opening
    → Minting plots and oil
    rigs for SAU
    → Farming game resources
    → Lunar exchange,
    selling resources for SAU

The development of large proprietary platforms, such as Telegram, has enabled hundreds of millions of users to gather, interact, exchange content, and play games. Their network effects have helped create extensive online communities and gaming companies. These platforms control network rules and content flow, while generating significant revenue from communities and content creators who direct traffic to the platforms.

The Saudis TON aims to create a network that allows participants to own and receive full benefits from their contributions.










Founder @sheikher


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Cant wait STTM game!

Саудиты топчик, закинул нфт и жди )

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