Rosecoin - Paying homage to the most recognisable bot on Telegram

Project Name: Rosecoin
Ticker: $Rose
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @rosecointon
Chart: Rose - Geckoterminal
CMC: Rose - Ton

Imagine a token where 600m people recognise it before it goes viral…

Now imagine those 600m people already use the platform that helped design the blockchain it lives on…

That’s right - Rosecoin is here

Listing in late March, Rosecoin has become one of the strongest memecoins on the Ton blockchain. Launched on DeDust, initial liquidity was burnt and mint revoked. The original developer left the project early and a team of believers took over and have assumed control of it along with the community.

Rose is a face recognised by every crypto enthusiast trading in the defi space on Telegram. With ready access to a huge user base and the free viral marketing reach of her presence in over 12 million Telegram groups, Rose stands out as well known meme. With the huge traction that Ton is receiving from Telegram users and Venture capital funds alike, Rosecoin will capitalise on the surge in Ton volume to become the obvious choice for Ton investors.

– A Visionary Crypto Endeavor, RoseCoin is designed as a tribute to the Most used bot in telegram Rose bot with 600M active user. While not officially linked to Rose bot, RoseCoin celebrates the spirit of community and technological contribution in the crypto world.

– About RoseCoin - RoseCoin finds its home on the TON blockchain, a platform backed by Telegram, enhancing the legacy of Miss Rose, the beloved unofficial mascot for crypto enthusiasts. RoseCoin embodies dedication and companionship, symbolizing steadfast support through the volatile crypto journey.

:white_check_mark: Milestones and Roadmap RoseCoin’s roadmap showcases clear milestones aimed at building a robust community and ensuring continuous support for the Rose bot. Initiatives include enhancing its presence on social platforms, expanding its holder base, and launching innovative NFTs to support both the Rose bot and marketing efforts.

– Building a Legacy With a focus on growth and community engagement, RoseCoin is more than just a cryptocurrency—it’s a commitment to supporting and advancing the crypto community, ensuring the enduring legacy of helpful bots like Rose.


Over the next 12 months, we aim to gain a stronghold in the Ton memecoin space through targeted marketing endeavours and partnering with well-known Ton influencers. An NFT collection is already in progress but yet to be released - we want the NFTs to have value for minters and will strategically roll them out when we are confident they will mint out.

Our short term goal is to reach 1-2k holders and over 1000 active members in our Telegram - we currently have an 85% TG member to holder ratio, which is evidentiary of how strong and engaged the community is. We are also in the process of a rebrand, our strong position in the market means we have outgrown the initial social development and are looking to rebuild it from the ground up to create a strong brand.

As one of the few Ton projects listed as fully tracked on Coinmarketcap, our next goal is to be listed on Coingecko. Our marketing efforts have mainly so far focused on running ads on several platforms such as Reddit, Dexscreener and Geckoterminal. We have made no paid influencer marketing and our growth so far has been through organic means as we strive to build a strong community and avoid the volatility seen in other projects.

We currently boast over 600 holders, a market cap floor of around $1m and an extra 30% liquidity added to the pool by the team and community members.

We welcome everyone to come and view our community, check out our socials and ask any questions you may have.

Rosecoin Team


Most bullish thing on ton

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This is great, a sleeper project that will explode soon!

I’m a designer I have over 3’000 images
Would like some help on eco projects

Love the community. Love the direction the team are going in. Love that they have both Russian & English chats. Love that it’s backed by Doge whales. Love roses!


Resharing a comment I said about Rose earlier,

It’s not only the narrative, vision, and clear goals laid out to tackle ahead… it’s a coin I really feel has united people in a truly genuine sense.

“ When you realize your long-term play is not unique but shared amongst legitimate builders…

and every single person, from the whales down to the $20 bags of Rose know exactly where she belongs

That’s when web3 gets fun… bc you know everyone will send it hard asf. Through market blood, fud, lack of trust in your fellow holders keeping the chart steady, it’s honestly just overall positive, even with other coins coming in to play.

The community is both serious and the most based I’ve seen. Working together to help pay homege to the very same bot that literally introduced us on Telegram (the very same L1 blockchain we’re excited about) is bullish to me

Great post.


Rose on Ton. This will explode soon!

:rose: Most solid and dedicated team ever! $Rose :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Хорошая идея и интересный сервис, а по поводу того что это символ и всё такое, то тут вне всякого сомнения вдвойне важно сохранить этот проект, я за ура …∆>>🌞

Rose is loved by all already, soon she will be owned by them too.

Agree 100%. Exceptional community - one of the best I’ve come across in web3