RoOLZ - Becoming Godlike in the Open League

  • Project’s Name: RoOLZ
  • Project’s Website:
  • Project’s Twitter:
  • Project’s Telegram channel/group: Telegram: Contact @roolzgods & Telegram: Contact @roolzru & Telegram: Contact @roolznft
  • NFT Collection Name: RoOLZ Gods & Mortals
  • NFT Collection Details
    • Total Number of NFTs: 5472
    • Number of Unique Holders: 2489
    • Total Trading Volume in TON: 204K
    • Any additional metrics (e.g., floor price, highest sale, etc.)
      Floor Price: 20 TON, 3x in USD Terms
      Highest Sale: 1070 TON, then 900 TON, top 50 selling for 50-100x mint price.
      TG Channel: 1.1M Subscribers
      NFT Can be used in Game starting June 10, 2nd Mini-Game is in development.
      Telegram: Contact @roolzquest_bot
      (Connect your wallet and select your RoOLZ NFT, you can also stake your NFT to collect RoOLZ Points >4000 NFT’s are staked)
      Top 12 All-Time Volume on Getgems

200K WAU for our Questbot. 50K daily active users. (Google Analytics snapshot below)

NFT collection story will feature in our Anime Episodes:
Trailer had 3M views. Anime 30 episodes will go live in July:
Anime produced by Ex.Attack on Titan team.

Tiktok has 15K followers, slowly building towards the anime release.

Please include the proofs of this traction.
  • Please provide a smart contract address for tracking during The Open League Season 4.

  • Your name: Slicepie5, team is doxxed.

  • Your Telegram handle: @slicepie5

  • Any other links or details that you want to share
    Hereby announcing that all earnings from the open League NFT battle will be distributed amongst community:
    50% towards current holders, 50%towards new NFT holders starting June 10 CET Time.
    *To anyone reading this, there’s 0 guarantee we win anything with the Open League NFT Battle.

  • By submitting the form, I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


Open League without Roolz is no fun, become Godlike :love_you_gesture:


Let’s go RoOLZ!! GODs can’t lose this battle!


“there’s 0 guarantee we win anything with the Open League NFT Battle”

you need to take the first step… then another one… and then victory is not far away…


This project have to be in open league.


Hurray! The gods are breaking into the open league!


The gods raised Rules to the skies and now he is preparing to conquer space!


I have been waiting for Roolz in Open League for a long time. Finally it happened. Roolz is the best! :fire::fire::fire:

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Roolz Godlike is storming the open league!

We rule

Roolz to the moon! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Uraaa! Finally, we waited for a cool project in an experienced league!

Дождались игру) осталось сериал дождаться)

Lfg! Roolz to the moon

Congrats on being approved to join The Open League Season. We hope to see your good performance and fair competition!