Revolutionizing Community Funding on TON Blockchain: The Meridian Initiative

Abstract: The Meridian initiative marks a groundbreaking advancement in the TON Blockchain ecosystem, establishing the first entirely on-chain collection of random characters, Meridian. This initiative not only showcases a technical marvel but also pioneers a community-driven approach to fund innovative projects within the TON ecosystem. Unlike traditional NFT collections, Meridian focuses on building a robust community, the Meridian Club, dedicated to supporting and financing projects on TON, emphasizing collective decision-making and direct involvement in the ecosystem’s growth.

Introduction: The advent of blockchain technology has ushered in a new era of decentralized finance and community-driven project funding. Among various platforms, the TON Blockchain stands out for its scalability, speed, and efficiency. Leveraging these attributes, the Meridian initiative introduces a novel concept of community engagement and funding. Through the sale of unique, on-chain generated characters, Meridian directs a significant portion of its revenue towards community-controlled treasury, empowering holders to fund promising projects on the TON network.

Meridian Overview:

  • Unique Attributes: Each Meridian character is generated entirely on-chain, ensuring 100% randomness and uniqueness. The collection boasts a no off-chain pre-sales and pre-minting policy, with all operations governed by smart contracts.
  • Revenue Allocation: A significant 50% of sales and re-sales revenue is allocated to the Meridian Club’s treasury, facilitating collective investment decisions.
  • Auction Mechanics: Meridian introduces a daily auction system, where new characters are minted and offered, starting at a minimum bid of 1 TON.

Meridian Club Manifesto:
The Meridian Club is more than a collection of NFT holders; it’s a movement. Adhering to a manifesto that champions the support of early-stage projects, the club aims to foster a culture of collaboration, support, and angel investment skills development. This manifesto underlines the community’s commitment to being at the forefront of funding experimental ideas and projects within the TON ecosystem, setting a new standard for community engagement and support.

Technical Innovation: On-Chain Artwork:
Meridian sets itself apart by storing all artwork directly on the TON Blockchain, a feat achieved through custom lossless binary compression designed for pixel-art graphics. This approach ensures that Meridian characters are permanently accessible as long as the TON network exists, bypassing the need for external storage solutions like IPFS.

Meridian Characters Composition:

  • Components: Meridian characters are composed of multiple elements, including 21 backgrounds, 4 bodies, 6 eyes, 102 heads, and 47 labels, culminating in over 2.4 million unique combinations.
  • Equality in Rarity: All Meridians are crafted to be equally rare, promoting fairness and inclusivity within the collection.

Governance and Future Directions:
The governance structure of the Meridian Club is designed to evolve, starting with a unique approach where a “Tyrant” leads the community in its initial phases. This interim governance model is intended to foster culture and prepare for democratic governance through elections.

The Meridian initiative on the TON Blockchain represents a significant leap forward in community-driven funding and governance. By blending technical innovation with a strong focus on community values and participation, Meridian paves the way for a new paradigm in supporting and realizing the potential of projects within the TON ecosystem.

Further Reading and Resources:

The Meridian initiative encapsulates the essence of innovation, community, and collaboration within the TON Blockchain ecosystem, setting a benchmark for future projects and communities. :globe_with_meridians::rocket: