Resistance Notcoin $RENO - An homage to the symbol of digital resistance

Resistance Notcoin $RENO


Combining $REDO and $NOTCOIN, there is no better token to emphasize freedom & privacy than $RENO

We are looking to ride the hype of both what will be the two biggest meme tokens of ton chain, NOTCOIN and REDO

Soon more than 35m people will onboard ton blockchain thanks to Notcoin and we plan to catch all the hype!!!

$NOT Supply is 102,719,221,714

$REDO Supply is 100,000,000,000

$RENO supply is the sum of both: 202,719,221,714

We are only 2 days old at the time of posting this and we accomplished all of the following:

  • Reached ATH of 350k
  • 690 resistant soldiers (holders)
  • Completed our Coingecko application
  • Some of the biggest KOLS in the space already joined us and partnered with us
  • We reached a 24h volume of 240k
  • V1 of our website is ready and V2 on the works

And much, much more…



Good project with professional team :handshake:


Good project, bullish, to the moon :waning_gibbous_moon:

New TON gem. Millions story. Join guys

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Yes, this project was reviewed objectively. Smart contract approved. Their social interactions were controlled. It was observed that there was an extremely high interaction. Coingecko listing is complete. A team review was conducted and it was observed that they were in communication with the community and transparent. Nothing negative was reported. They have a chance to get into the Open League. Investment can be made.

Contract address:

I have high hopes that it will be like REDO