Random.tg is a decentralized lottery with cashback and double winnings

Project Name

Random.tg ($RANDOM)

Describe project and token utility

:green_circle:RANDOM (http://random.tg/) is a decentralized lottery with cashback and double winnings.

:mag_right: The lottery’s smart contract guarantees the fairness and transparency of the transactions.

1. Game on TON:

  • Win chance: 40%
  • Cashback if you lose: 30% in $RANDOM tokens

2. Game on $RANDOM:

  • Win chance: 45%
  • Cashback if you lose: in BONU$ tokens (1 to 3). For example, if you lose 5 RANDOM, you receive 15 BONU$.
  • The lottery automatically burns 70% of the $RANDOM loss.
  • The remaining 30% of the $RANDOM loss goes to the exchange contract.

3. Game on BONU$:

  • Win chance: 10% - Multiplication x4

  • If you lose BONU$ is burned.

  • Exchange BONU$ for RANDOM: send BONU$ to the exchange contract address:

  • Exchange rate is calculated automatically (BONU$ issuance / number of $RANDOM in the exchange contract).
    Additional conditions:

  • Support only with non-custodial wallets.

  • Minimum bet amount: 1 TON or 0.1 RANDOM.

Project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

2024 Q3-4

  • Adding new games
  • Opening a Web3 Game Store on Random.tg Platform

Project’s Website


Project’s Telegram channel/group

Project’s Metrics

  1. UAW (unique active wallets) for the last month - 836
  2. MAU - 836 and DAU - 81
  3. N of tx for the last month - 86103
  4. Retention D1 - 40%, D7 - 19.6%, D14 - 14%

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Sergei Shapovalov

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Great project. Something new in ton ecosystem. Everything is clear and honest. Lfg

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This guy is Jimmy Neutron of Ton projects, i vote yes, cool model!

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That’s for sure good Jetton, would love to see it in Open League

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This project is the most interesting on the ton blockchain, I guess they will be first in the ton open league

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Fancy and fair lottery. I’m looking forward to seeing more games based on the Random platform!

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The project has huge potential and has well-defined plans.

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good token, good project, good team

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Random is good project! Simple, clear contact! Good community :slightly_smiling_face:

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Отличная лотерея с прозрачными условиями. Всё на смарт контракте! Автоматическое сжигание токена $Random, что каждый день повышает его ценность.


Awesome project! Let’s vote for it to see it in the Open League!

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Очень хороший проект. Качественно сделанный и грамотно продуманный. Создатель проекта не прячутся и всегда на связи , за это отдельный респект

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Nice project. Nice team. Lottery participant for about 2 weeks, the guys make a good product.

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Отличный проект в долгосрок. Фаундер с серьезным портфолио.
:raised_hand: :gem:

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Great project, tokenomic, game and founder.
Let’s go RANDOM!!

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Cool project with interesting mechanics, yesterday I managed to enter the ship, it’s a pity I didn’t make it earlier

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Проект супер, испытал удачу и сам, ставил тон и рандом, играл на бонус. Супер! Надеюсь увидеть проект в лиге

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