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Hey gamers! Let us introduce you a gem in our ecosystem: Rage Battles MMORGPG on TON.
We are excited to share our development blog to keep you posted about all the updates happening in our game as well as the lore and history of the Magic TON World. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the magical lands. It will be fun!

Rage Battles is a turn-based tactical MMORPG of the new generation in the medieval fantasy genre, right in Telegram. The game is in early access, with developers consistently releasing new updates and periodically hosting tournaments and contests where you can win TON.
The game is unique in that, developers (with some exceptions) do not sell in-game items. Resources, equipment, and other items are acquired and sold directly by the players themselves, thereby forming a free market.


In the game, PvP and PvE battles are already available. The mechanics of these battles are extremely simple: you select “Abandoned Mine” and venture into this dungeon, encounter an opponent, and dominate them using the control menu. The battle consists of rounds where you take turns pressing buttons representing body parts: first, you choose the area to attack, then two areas to defend, and the opponent performs similar actions.


Winning battles gives you a chance to obtain equipment — initially, it could be a basic knife, but with each new victory, the chances of finding something valuable increase. If you’re lucky, you can loot equipment from your opponent, rejoice, and if you wish, head to the forum to sell the acquired equipment for TON.

Each battle consumes energy, which accumulates at a rate of 1 unit every 20 minutes. You can check your energy in the pinned message or in the character menu, which is hidden behind the “Character” button. There, you can also equip the acquired gear and view the character’s advanced parameters. You can redistribute your stats at any time when you realize it’s necessary!

And when you’ve grown a bit, you can head straight to the “Arena” to test your skills against live opponents. There, the chances of obtaining equipment will be higher. Don’t forget to subscribe to the game’s chat, where you can always find suitable opponents and chat with like-minded players.

Let’s find out together what hides behind the City Gate: Play Rage Battles now


Hey warriors! :crossed_swords:
We’re thrilled to open up our plans, aimed at making the game even more captivating and enjoyable.

Our signature approach as game developers is that we don’t sell equipment, potions and other in-game items. Players farm and sell assets to each other, and we only earn commissions from these transactions. Thus, the main profit goes to the players. In our turn, we’re incredibly motivated to make the game enjoyable for everyone to actively engage with, rather than just focusing on gambling.

Don’t forget about a referral system that is now available in the Library. Bring your friends along - it’s more fun together! :people_hugging:

:crossed_swords: Play Rage Battles now! :crossed_swords:

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Today we want to get back in time straight to the first Rage Battles devlog, that was posted more than a year ago, to immerse together in the exciting details of Rage Battles creation and development. Keep track of the next posts to continue learning more about the game we all love.

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MMORPG Rage Battles: Devlog 1

As we already know, Rage Battles is a turn-based multiplayer role-playing game set in the medieval fantasy genre in Telegram. Here we fight magical creatures tormenting the TON world, defeat other players in tournaments, explore dark dungeons in search of treasures, develop, and equip our characters.

In our first devlog, we talked about the game itself, its current build, and upcoming innovations.
At the moment it was written, the game already was in the open beta stage, which means that anyone could test it out, give feedback, make suggestions, or report any bugs they encountered. At that stage, PvP, PvE, the initial character stat system, and some equipment were already implemented in the game.
Now, let’s delve into all of this in more detail.

The combat system of the game features a familiar mechanic to many old-school players of Fight Club, Carnage, and similar titles, where turn-based battles take place. In each round, you’ll have to choose where to strike on the opponent’s body and block on your own. You can fight against rats in urban sewers or on the arena against both unfamiliar players and even your friends to finally check who’s cooler!

Before the battle started, players had to distribute manually their character’s stats, which could greatly influence the outcome of the battle. If they did not do so - the sewer rat became their Arch-nemesis. Today, these stats are distributed by default, but you can redistribute anytime. You always know your character better!

The stats determine how hard your character hits, dodges, or deals critical or double strikes, as well as their health reserve. You can always find more information about up-to-date stats system in the Library, right in the game.

The main focus right then was on the locations. We wanted characters to be able to move beyond the city limits, encountering various situations and events that would influence their future fate.
Visiting a location is designed as a short session consisting of a series of random events, including encounters with dangerous monsters. But you should always be careful, as an unprepared traveler shouldn’t linger outside the city walls for too long - danger lurks at every step.

As is known, every adventure begins with preparation, and no decent adventurer can do without quality equipment. Therefore, another focus was on enriching the game with new equipment that could be obtained not only in the arena but also outside the city. At that time, a year ago, equipment that enhanced your character could be obtained only by winning PvP battles. Now you can loot monsters or trade equipment with other players.

We were (and we are!) actively working on other aspects of the game: finding and fixing various bugs, composing music for locations, working on the character’s profile, and other components of the game.

Go and try Rage Battles now while we’re preparing next publications about further game development.
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MMORPG Rage Battles: Launch of Referral System and New Equipment | Devlog 2

The second devlog was released just recently, in the end of March, after a highly important update of the game. Let’s look closer!

We had finally added helmets to the game! By the way, you can get them for free!

The referral system had been introduced, which means playing with friends became much more interesting. Now, in addition to arena battles, you can earn extra rewards in the form of limited helmets for referring a friend who meets certain conditions.

To use the referral system, please follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open our game bot.
  2. Go to Library from the main menu
  3. Select the “Referral Program”
  4. Share your referral link or use Telegram sharing functionality to invite friends!

For every referred player who reaches level 3, you will receive one of three unique helmets.
The invited players have their interest, too: they will receive a random equipment item from the starter set. To claim the reward, level 5 is required.

The following items had been also added to the game: Stone Axe, Stone Club, Beekeeper’s Hood, and Ragamuffin Robe.
The latter two belong to primitive items; you can obtain them as rewards for investigating the Abandoned Mine.

Full list of updates:

  • The referral system (can be found in the Library): now by referring a friend, you can receive unique helmets: Plague Doctor Mask, Dragon Mask, or Helmet of Horror.
  • New equipment items: Stone Axe, Stone Club, Beekeeper’s Hood, and Ragamuffin Robe, which can be obtained after the first defeat in the arena or dungeon.
  • Chat changes: by sending the /info command in the chat, you can display information about your character. After sending this command in response to someone’s message, information about that person will be displayed.
  • Player requests: the button for texting a user after a match has been moved below.
  • Monsters in the dungeon can now change their combat tactics once a week. Be aware - they are growing with you!
  • Improved English localization of the game.

Come and join us in the Abandoned Mine and don’t forget to bring your friends for benefits!

:crossed_swords: Play Rage Battles now! :crossed_swords:

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MMORPG Rage Battles: Encounter with the Steel Rat | Devlog 3

We continue to actively develop our project, which means that another update for Rage Battles Game has been released.
So what’s new?
The main highlight is undoubtedly the introduction of a new special mob, the Steel Rat, with its unique ferocity and increased chance of dropping valuable equipment.

To embark on the search for the Steel Rat, you need to venture into the PVE location called Abandoned Mine.

Attention has been given to the English-speaking community, which has been actively growing lately — we now have our own chat. A bunch of bugs has been fixed, and the character menu has been beautified.

Here is the full list of changes:

  1. The new special mob -Steel Rat, with an increased chance of dropping basic equipment.
  2. A new logic of pinned message; now it’s impossible to lose it, even if Telegram is deleted from the device.
  3. Created an English-speaking chat - to access the arena, players should enter either the RU or EN chat.
  4. A new menu for the referral program, preventing referral recipients from simply clicking on a regular link.
  5. A new button in the pinned message for quick access to the chat.
  6. Upon leveling up, in the battle results, a prompt has been added reminding players of redistributing their stats.
  7. Improved localization of equipment names in messages about receiving equipment.
  8. Fixed an issue occurring when previously registered players try to follow a referral link.
  9. Fixed a bug with players accessing Arena with 0 energy.
  10. Added an “OK” button to informational messages within the bot to close a message.
  11. Finalized translation for the character menu. Now, the item transfer window and all other character menu options are fully available in two languages.
  12. Fixed an issue with displaying energy in the character menu.
  13. Now it will be impossible to reset attributes if there are remaining attribute points available.
  14. Pop-ups in the character menu now close properly.
  15. Fixed displaying items on the character.
  16. Fixed displaying the character menu.

Invite your friends via our Referral Program found in Library and test out these changes live!

:crossed_swords: Play Rage Battles now! :crossed_swords:

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