🎱 Pool Degens - First ever interactive Web3 Billiard Game on Telegram

  • Project’s Name: BitSort

  • Project’s Website: https://bitsport.gg

  • Project’s Twitter:x.com

  • Project’s Telegram channel/group: Telegram: Contact @bitsportgaming

  • Project’s Metrics: BitSport is a web3 Gaming ecosystem fostering incentive loops, creating a play-n-earn models for mainstream gamers leveraging on popularly loved games to onboard the next billion to Web3. Outside of telegram, we have more than 60K users utilizing our eSports DApp to foster incentives for popular games they already love playing such as (EAFC 24, Call of Duty, Mortal Combat, PuBG , 8 Ball Pool etc). Also our flagship game - BitPool (First ever web3 8 ball pool game) had amassed over 150,000 Quests completed by over 50,000 players from around the world since launch last year.

BIG NEWS!!: We have rolled out the first ever interactive web3 billiard game (POOL Degens) on Telegram Mini Apps: https://t.me/pooldegen_bot . This was launched less than 24hrs to this submission, and has garnered over a thousand players in couple of hours with great feedbacks. We anticipate massive adoption of Pool Degen, hence we have amazing plans in the work to deep integrate the TON Connect framework to power rewards, farming, staking and NFTs in the Game.

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