[PocketFi] 🟥 Halving announced: mining speed reduced by half

:red_square: PocketFi reached 2 million users and completed halving: Mining Speed is reduced by half

PocketFi’s team announced that app surpassed the 2 million user milestone!

Starting from that point, the basic mining speed, new referral bonuses, and boosts (except for $PUNK burn) are all halved.

  • TON swaps: 8 switch/h ➞ 4 switch/h

  • EVM swaps: 5 switch/h ➞ 2,5 switch/h

  • ETH swaps: 12 switch/h ➞ 6 switch/h

  • $PUNK Burn: 9 switch/h (unaffected, 11 days left until it disappears from Boosts tab)

  • New referrals: up to 240 switch per user ➞ up to 120 switch per user.

After next halving this rewards will be halved again. You can monitor current user count and $switch emission on dashboard.pocketfi.org

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:pick: Keep Mining!