Play — A Telegram Advertising Exchange based on the PLAY token

Main Features:

An aggregator of 4 categories where users can independently place their profiles in directories.

  1. Mutual PR
  2. Selling advertising in channels, chats, and bots
  3. Selling channels and chats through an escrow
  4. Info business, online products, mentors, coaches

Business Model:

  1. Sales of placements for crypto projects
  2. Promotion in the directory
  3. Commission from acting as an escrow in sales
  4. In-app advertising
  5. Monthly subscriptions

PLAY Token is awarded for actions on the exchange:

  1. Placements in the directory
  2. Inviting friends
  3. Winning in voting
  4. Reviews
  5. Tasks from advertisers

Token Usage:

  1. Promotion to the top of the card in the directory
  2. Placing more links
  3. Voting
  4. Payment for advertising integrations with the token
  5. Crowdfunding

Target Audience:

  1. All channel admins interested in promoting their resources
  • Experienced admins
  • Novice admins
  • Coaches, mentors
  1. Advertisers
  2. General users (looking for resources by interest and for coaches)

Project’s Website

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Project’s Metrics

Attach the link to a Google Doc describing your current achievements, including:

  1. Unique active users for the last month: 1000 subscribers
  2. 200 channels posted
  3. Over 400 subscriptions from the platform

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A grant of 2000 TON is needed for a full web app and to provide a liquidity pool of 2000 TON.

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