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NotTGR is a utility token within the Tegro ecosystem, designed to boost activity and transactions across various platforms, including the gaming bot and the exchange.

The token offers unique opportunities due to its flexible smart contract that allows minting new tokens and a well-thought-out economic structure.

NotTGR holders can use it to participate in events, airdrops, and complete various tasks while maintaining its liquidity and value.

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Please describe your project and token utility

Project Description and Token Utility for NotTGR

Project Overview: NotTGR is a versatile utility token within the Tegro ecosystem, specifically designed to enhance user engagement and facilitate transactions across multiple platforms. This includes our innovative gaming bot and the Tegro.Finance exchange. By leveraging a flexible smart contract, NotTGR allows for the minting of new tokens, ensuring continuous growth and adaptability within the ecosystem.

Token Utility:

  1. Event Participation and Airdrops: NotTGR is used as a key token for participating in various events and receiving airdrops within the Tegro ecosystem. This drives user engagement and rewards active community members.
  2. Task Completion in Gaming Bot: Users can earn NotTGR by completing tasks and missions within our gaming bot. This gamified approach not only makes the earning process enjoyable but also promotes consistent user interaction.
  3. Exchange Liquidity: The Tegro team ensures the liquidity of NotTGR by continuously adding to its liquidity pools and facilitating its listing on centralized exchanges. This provides users with multiple avenues to trade and utilize their tokens.
  4. Seamless Token Swap: NotTGR can be easily swapped for the primary TGR token via our exchange. This interoperability between tokens adds an extra layer of flexibility for users within the ecosystem.
  5. Unlimited Supply: Unlike the primary TGR token, which is capped at 50 million tokens, NotTGR has an unlimited supply. This ensures that there are always enough tokens to meet the demands of the growing Tegro community.
  6. Staking for Rewards: Users can stake NotTGR pairs on cryptocurrency exchanges to earn additional cryptocurrency rewards. This staking option provides an attractive way for users to generate passive income while supporting the ecosystem’s liquidity.

Conclusion: NotTGR complements TGR by providing a dynamic and flexible utility token that enhances the overall functionality and user experience within the Tegro ecosystem. Whether it’s through participating in events, earning through gaming, staking for rewards, or trading on exchanges, NotTGR offers diverse opportunities for users to engage and benefit from the Tegro platform.

Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens

Token Distribution Details for NotTGR

The token distribution for NotTGR is structured to ensure a fair and balanced allocation, supporting the growth and sustainability of the Tegro ecosystem. Below are the detailed distribution percentages and specific information regarding the team’s holdings and LP tokens.

Total Supply:

  • NotTGR has an unlimited supply, allowing for continuous minting based on user engagement and ecosystem needs.

Distribution Breakdown:

  • Community Rewards (40%): A significant portion of the tokens is allocated for community rewards through events, airdrops, and task completions within the gaming bot and other platforms.
  • Liquidity Provision (25%): These tokens are dedicated to providing liquidity on both decentralized and centralized exchanges to ensure smooth trading and minimize volatility.
  • Development and Ecosystem Growth (20%): Allocated for the ongoing development of the Tegro ecosystem, including partnerships, platform enhancements, and future innovations.
  • Marketing and Promotions (10%): Used for marketing campaigns, promotional events, and other activities aimed at increasing user adoption and engagement.
  • Team Allocation (5%): Reserved for the core team members who are driving the project’s vision and execution.

Team’s Token Holdings:

  • The team holds 5% of the total token supply. These tokens are vested over a period of 24 months to ensure long-term commitment and alignment with the project’s success.

Status of Team’s LP Tokens:

  • The team’s LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens are locked for a minimum period of 12 months. This lock-up period is in place to demonstrate the team’s commitment to the project’s stability and to prevent any potential negative impact on liquidity.

By implementing this distribution strategy, NotTGR aims to foster a robust and engaged community while maintaining a transparent and sustainable token economy.

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Project Roadmap for NotTGR: Next 6-12 Months

Our roadmap outlines the strategic milestones and key initiatives planned for the next 6 to 12 months to ensure the continued growth and success of the NotTGR token and the Tegro ecosystem. Here are the detailed phases and objectives:

Phase 1: Q3 2024

  1. Token Integration and Enhancements:
  • Complete integration of NotTGR with additional gaming platforms.
  • Launch new features in the Tegro gaming bot to enhance user engagement.
  1. Marketing Campaigns:
  • Initiate comprehensive marketing campaigns to increase awareness and adoption.
  • Collaborate with key influencers and partners to promote NotTGR.

Phase 2: Q4 2024

  1. Exchange Listings:
  • Secure additional listings of NotTGR on major centralized exchanges.
  • Enhance liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges.
  1. Community Building:
  • Organize community events and airdrops to reward and engage users.
  • Expand community support and communication channels.

Phase 3: Q1 2025

  1. Product Development:
  • Develop and release new use cases for NotTGR within the Tegro ecosystem.
  • Launch advanced features for token minting and staking.
  1. Partnership Expansion:
  • Establish partnerships with other projects and platforms to broaden the use of NotTGR.
  • Collaborate with DeFi projects to integrate NotTGR for additional financial services.

Phase 4: Q2 2025

  1. Technology Upgrades:
  • Implement technology upgrades to enhance the performance and security of the NotTGR platform.
  • Introduce smart contract improvements for better scalability and efficiency.
  1. Regulatory Compliance:
  • Ensure compliance with evolving regulatory standards to secure the long-term viability of NotTGR.
  • Engage with legal experts to navigate regulatory landscapes.

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Community Feedback: Continuously gather and implement feedback from the community to improve NotTGR and its ecosystem.
  • Transparency: Maintain transparency through regular updates and reports on project progress and financial health.
  • Innovation: Constantly explore and integrate innovative solutions to enhance the utility and value of NotTGR.

This roadmap reflects our commitment to delivering a robust, engaging, and secure ecosystem for NotTGR users, ensuring sustainable growth and widespread adoption.

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