Notminer, Mine $Not

Notminer is the ultimate Ponzi on Ton, You stake Not and get daily return of 6%. Aslong new money comes in you always get rewarded.

How it works :sunny:


#1 Buy $NOT:

Start by using your TON to purchase $NOT, the native token of the Not Miner platform.

#2 Compound (Optional):

To maximize your earnings, utilize the “COMPOUND” function. This automatically reinvests your rewards back into $NOT, accelerating your growth.

#3 Claim Rewards:

When you’re ready, claim your accumulated $NOT rewards directly to your wallet.

Unparalleled Earning Potential:

Not Miner boasts a daily income potential of up to 6%, offering a fantastic opportunity to significantly grow your holdings.

The Power of Community:

Not Miner isn’t just about individual gain. By inviting friends and colleagues to join the platform, you can earn $NOT directly into your wallet whenever someone you’ve invited makes a deposit!

TG : Telegram: Contact @NotminerTon

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