Notcoin Pre Market is Open

Notcoin Pre-Market is open :gem:

For the first time, you can buy and sell Notcoin before the token launch.

Those who were good at mining, invited friends and were active with campaigns: you can now convert your Notcoin game balance into 10M Notcoin Vouchers (NFT) and trade them on Getgems (peer-to-peer).

Vouchers can be exchanged for $NOT after the token launch.
Or you can wait until the token launch and convert your balance to $NOT directly.

No one knows what the price of $NOT token will be. The listing price may even be zero, so take that into account when trading vouchers.

Pre-Market supports $NOT listings through Royalties: 20% from NFT purchases go to liquidity for token listings.

We are gradually rolling out this functionality to reduce the load, so please be patient.

How it works

Go to Notcoin Pre-Market :gem:

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