NFT Sniper Pro: Free NFT Notifications and Analytics for NFT on TON

NFT Sniper Pro: Bot and Mini App in Telegram for NFT Traders

NFT Sniper Pro is an automated service designed to help users find and quickly purchase new or rare NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on various platforms and marketplaces within the TON ecosystem. This bot and mini-app in Telegram offer a range of features that significantly simplify the NFT trading process. Below, we will explore the main capabilities of NFT Sniper Pro and answer frequently asked questions about its usage.

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Main Features of NFT Sniper Pro

1. Notifications

One of the key features of NFT Sniper Pro is its notification system. Users receive instant alerts about new listings for sale that match specified criteria. These criteria can include price, category, artist, and other filters. This allows traders to promptly respond to interesting offers and not miss out on profitable deals.

2. One-Click Purchase

NFT Sniper Pro allows users to purchase NFTs directly from Telegram in just a few seconds. To do this, users need to connect their wallet to the marketplace. The one-click purchase feature makes the process extremely convenient and fast, which is crucial in the highly competitive NFT market where response time is critical.

3. Market Analysis

The bot also includes features for surface-level analysis of collections. Users can obtain information about the current floor price (the lowest price) and available offers. In the future, there are plans to expand the analytical functionality, including more detailed collection analysis with ratings from the platform. This will enable traders to make more informed decisions based on objective data.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is NFT Sniper Pro?

NFT Sniper Pro is a bot and mini-app in Telegram designed to automate the process of finding and purchasing NFTs on various marketplaces within the TON ecosystem.

What are the main features provided by NFT Sniper Pro?

The service offers instant notifications about new listings, one-click purchase capability, and surface-level market analysis of NFTs.

How do I receive notifications about new NFTs?

After setting up the bot and specifying the search criteria, users will receive instant notifications about new listings that match their requests.

How is NFT purchasing done through Telegram?

The user connects their wallet to the marketplace and can make purchases directly from Telegram using the one-click purchase feature.

Is more detailed collection analysis available?

Currently, the bot provides surface-level analysis, but there are plans to implement more detailed analytics with ratings from the platform in the future.

What development stage is the service in?

The service is currently in alpha mode, and users are encouraged to report any errors to support for prompt resolution.

NFT Sniper Pro is an innovative solution for NFT traders, combining convenience and high-speed response to market changes. By using this bot and mini-app, users can significantly enhance their NFT trading results by quickly finding and purchasing the best offers.

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Hello everyone!

We prepared for you detailed video instructions with main features:

Video 1:

Setting up notifications for NFT collections of interest.


Are going to add auto buy feature?

Hello! Yes, as soon as possible. Check our updates in Telegram: Contact @nftsniperpro_news

Hi everyone, two updates have been released in the past week.
Below we will give you the details of the new features.

Update to version 0.2 | 05.06.24

This update adds the following features:

  • Select market data on the home page. You can now see the difference in floor prices between getgems and xrare

  • Disabling notifications in settings. Now you don’t need to block the bot. In the future you can flexibly customize them for each request.

  • Add a 7 day price graph when opening a collection and setting bounds. This will help you choose the right price boundaries.

  • The wallet connection process has been updated. It has become more understandable.

Update to version 0.3 | 07.06.24

This update adds the following features:

  • Price chart graph now have zoom and 1day / 7day selectors

  • Collection page have Floor prices from both marketplaces

  • Minor design improvements

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