Navigating the TON Network: A Comparative Analysis of Access Methods for TON Sites

The Open Network (TON) is renowned for its decentralized infrastructure, offering a unique ecosystem of TON Sites that are accessible through various methods. This article delves into the most common techniques to access these sites, providing a detailed comparison to help users choose the most suitable option based on ease of use, security, and reliability.

Access Methods Overview

Method Ease of Use Security Reliability Setup Required Suitable For
Browse through High Low Low None Casual browsing, quick checks
TON Wallet Extensions Medium Medium Medium Minimal Regular users, enhanced privacy
Connect to a Public Proxy Medium High Medium Moderate Users on mobile devices, no extensions
Using Tonutils-Proxy Low High High Advanced Users seeking maximum security and privacy

Detailed Analysis

:smile: Easy Methods

  • Browse through

    • Pros: Immediate access without any setup.
    • Cons: Relies on a third party, potential for downtime, and poses privacy concerns.
  • TON Wallet and MyTonWallet Extensions

    • Pros: Direct connection to TON Proxy, enhancing privacy.
    • Cons: Requires browser extension installation, limited to browser usage.

:nerd_face: Advanced Methods

  • Connect to a Public Proxy

    • Pros: Offers a more secure connection than browsing through and does not require browser extensions.
    • Cons: Configuration required, which might be challenging for less tech-savvy users.
  • Using Tonutils-Proxy

    • Pros: Provides the highest level of security and privacy, ensuring a direct and encrypted connection to TON Sites.
    • Cons: Involves a more complex setup process, requiring the download and configuration of additional software.


Choosing the right method to access TON Sites depends on a user’s priorities, technical expertise, and the intended use case. For casual browsing, offers the quickest but least secure access. Browser extensions such as MyTonWallet and TON Wallet strike a balance between ease of use and privacy. Meanwhile, connecting through a public proxy or using Tonutils-Proxy caters to users prioritizing security and reliability over convenience. As the TON ecosystem continues to evolve, these methods may see enhancements in usability and security, further expanding the accessibility of TON Sites to a broader audience.