[MRDN Mining TMA] The Meridian Mini App for MRDN mining

In the rapidly expanding universe of cryptocurrency, the MRDN mining process has taken an innovative leap forward with the introduction of the Meridian Mini App, designed specifically for the TON Blockchain. This pioneering application is transforming the mining landscape by embedding itself within the popular messaging service, Telegram, thereby simplifying the mining process for the end-users.

MRDN Mining Simplified with Meridian Miner v.1

Feature Description
App Version Meridian Miner v.1
Primary Function Facilitates MRDN mining via TON Wallet management within Telegram
User Experience Simplified mining initiation with mnemonic phrase entry
Associated Blockchain TON (The Open Network)
Platform Integration Directly embedded into Telegram’s user interface

Meridian’s ingenuity lies in its approach to integrating cryptocurrency mining with Telegram, allowing users to mine Grams effortlessly. By enabling the creation or importation of TON Wallets within the app, it provides a streamlined path from setup to mining.

Seamless Mining Operations

The application guides users with a clear, terminal-style interface, showing wallet addresses and offering concise instructions for ensuring a minimum balance to start mining. This user-centric design demystifies the mining process, making it accessible to a wider audience.

A New Paradigm in Cryptocurrency Mining

Meridian exemplifies the novel trend of embedding financial technologies within social platforms. Accessible through the Telegram Mini App link, Telegram: Contact @ton_mrdn_bot, it showcases the fusion of social networking and blockchain-based financial operations.


The Meridian Mini App signifies a transformative moment in cryptocurrency mining, making the MRDN mining on the TON Blockchain a more inclusive and straightforward experience.

Dive into the world of MRDN mining by connecting with the Meridian Mini App via their Telegram Bot: Explore Meridian :globe_with_meridians:



Hopefully, Meridian will allow users to freely choose which mining pools to mine against.


Convenient, but in the current realities, mining is complicated by several factors at once :с