[Mining Pool] Introducing Gram Mining Pool: A Comprehensive Guide to Mining $GRAM on the TON Blockchain

The TON Blockchain ecosystem welcomes the Gram Mining Pool, a novel platform that enables users to participate in the mining of $GRAM tokens. This beta-stage project presents an opportunity for both novice and seasoned miners to contribute to the network’s security while earning rewards. This paper outlines the key features of the Gram Mining Pool, including its installation process, mining capabilities, and the benefits it brings to the TON Blockchain community.

Overview of Gram Mining Pool

Gram Mining Pool operates as a collaborative mining effort where individuals join forces to mine $GRAM tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the TON Blockchain.

Table 1: Pool Statistics (Last 24 Hours)

Metric Value
Accepted Shares 1,524,279
Mined GRAM 116,000 GRAM

Getting Started with Gram Mining Pool

Step 1: Download the CLI

The Command Line Interface (CLI) supports various mining methods, including CPU mining and GPU mining with CUDA or OpenCL.

Download Links

Alternatively, users can download the CLI using a direct command line fetch:

curl -L https://pool.gramcoin.org/download.bash | bash

Step 2: Configure Your Miner

To participate in mining, users must configure their mining setup. This involves enabling GPU or CPU mining functionalities and selecting the appropriate computing language for GPU miners.

Mining Configuration Options
Configuration Options
GPU Computing Language CUDA/OpenCL
CPU Mining Enabled

Step 3: Run Your Miner

After configuration, miners can start their mining operations by executing the generated command or downloading and running the provided shell script.

./gram-mining-pool --address <YOUR_TON_ADDRESS> --gpu-auto --miner cuda

Participation and Community Engagement

The Gram Mining Pool encourages community participation and offers support through its official Telegram channels. Engage with the community and get real-time support by joining:


The Gram Mining Pool represents a significant advancement for the TON Blockchain, providing a user-friendly and accessible platform for mining $GRAM. By detailing the installation and configuration process, this guide aims to equip potential miners with the knowledge needed to join the pool and start mining. As the pool continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to the growing ecosystem of TON Blockchain, offering promising opportunities for community members to contribute to the network’s security and earn rewards in the process.

For more information and to start mining, visit https://pool.gramcoin.org/.