Microdiving - Real working production is tokenized

Real working production is tokenized and allows holders of their coin to choose clothing designs and receive up to 30% profit on sales

Microdiving Coin ( $MIC ) - directly linked to real fabric. 1 $MIC = 1 meter of fabric.

Manufacturing has already prepared 1 kilometer of different fabrics for use in the blockchain.

Holders can actively participate in the garment design process via a special chat room, and in the future via a tg bot.

Holders will receive up to 30% cashback from the margin on goods whose design was created with their participation. Also income will come from bonus programs.

This is not a scam. I communicated with the owner and found out all the details. He is public, you can ask him additional questions yourself - @Andril10

Right now NFT firelaunch is going on and you can invest in production at launch at the best price Ton Raffles has to offer Ton Raffles

You can see all the supporting photos and videos on the official Telegram channel of the project - @microdiving

I highly recommend to support the guys, to help in their bold idea, well, and in the future to earn of course.

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