Market Makers NFT by Storm Trade

  • Project’s Name: Storm Trade

  • Project’s Website:

  • Project’s Twitter:

  • Project’s Telegram channel/group: Telegram: Contact @storm_trade_fam

  • NFT Collection Name: Market Makers

  • NFT Collection Details

    • Description: Market Makers is the first and only community NFT collection by Storm Trade. Featuring 5555 unique NFTs representing the iconic Bull, Bear, and Bird, each meticulously hand-drawn by the artist. Every exclusive NFT is given as a reward for the most active community members. Holding of NFTs provides its owners with special bonuses from Storm, such as whitelists for $STORM token, profile pics on, trading fees discounts and more.
    • Total Number of NFTs: 5555
    • Number of Unique Holders: 505
    • Total Trading Volume in TON: 64k TON
    • NFT collection on Getgems: Market Makers
    • More about Market Makers (article): Meet Market Makers: 5555 unique NFTs by Storm Trade — Storm Trade
  • Please provide a smart contract address for tracking during The Open League Season 4:
    address of collection: EQBDMXqg2YcGmMnn5_bXG63y-hh_YNV0dx-ylx-vL3v_WZt4
    creator of collection: EQAOtILmq55sXyBVzZcIbT8k_llRMX4cB4_CqHoOXGI5Pt_k

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  • Your Telegram handle: @alexcuuper

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