It's your friendly neighbor @b_ok2. Why foundation doesn't give me my drop?!

Hello there
This is @b_ok2 .
I report about my problem to @ton_help_bot and they say you used some custom sales contract so your trades were not counted!!!
Dude it’s Blockchain, neither of us can lie :lying_face:.
So why would I bother?!
During the required time I had 3 sale’s: 2 from gomining whales and another from pixels (both of them introduced by foundation)
2 point.
And at the time I had more than 41 NFTs inside of my wallet (NFTs+SBTs)
2 point.
So already I AM eligible but story doesn’t ends here .
And at the time I had more than 1000 us dollar on volume (which is 3 points!!)
And many number of deals.
So , easy math 2+2+3=7.
But I received 0 :neutral_face:.
And nobody seems to care …


Like this article or whatever if you have the same problem (I know many have)