Introducing $SQD IDO, Token Airdrops, and Unveiling SquidTG Metaverse

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Introducing $SQD IDO, Token Airdrops, and Unveiling SquidTG Metaverse

Dear Squids,

As we reflect on the past month of game development, it’s with great pride that we acknowledge the numerous achievements we’ve accomplished together.

Whether it’s the insightful user data analysis, fruitful collaborations with project partners, or the esteemed recognition from the Ton Foundation, it’s abundantly clear that SquidTG has cemented its status as a successful Inscription game.

The metrics since launch

Recognition by the Ton Foundation

However, our aspirations extend far beyond mere satisfaction. It is with great honor that we announce the establishment of the “SquidTG Metaverse.”

As many of you are aware, The Open Network presents an exceptional opportunity for growth. With SquidTG poised to construct an ecosystem (i.e., the SquidTG Metaverse) on this network, our vision encompasses not only gaming but also financial applications, social integration, ultimately culminating in the creation of a vibrant SquidTG Metaverse within The Open Network.

Allow us to elaborate further on the essence of the SquidTG Metaverse.


On February 21, 2024, SquidTG made its debut as a Telegram-based Inscription game, marking the inception of what we now refer to as the SquidTG Metaverse.

As The Open Network continues to evolve, particularly in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), we anticipate it to follow a trajectory akin to that of Ethereum, achieving remarkable feats.

Hence, in anticipation of the forthcoming bull market, capital inflows into the TON ecosystem are inevitable. Notably, there are rumors that stablecoins such as USDT and USDC may be issued on TON, serving as pivotal assets for exchanges and pricing mechanisms, thereby heralding the onset of DeFi Summer on TON.

DeFi Summer

Following the successful onboarding of 50,000 Telegram users onto the Ton Space wallet, our next objective is to impart knowledge on optimizing wallet assets. This entails familiarizing users with concepts such as Swap, AMM, Liquidity Mining, and forthcoming DeFi products, including Lending.

We are still early.

In essence, we aim to replicate the monumental DeFi Summer of 2020, as witnessed on Ethereum, within the confines of TON.

PS: It’s worth mentioning that if there are any products that have yet to appear on TON, you can look forward to the performance of the SquidTG team.


Transitioning beyond gaming and financial realms, we aspire to establish an ecosystem that encapsulates myriad functionalities — hence, the birth of the SquidTG Metaverse.

During this phase, SquidTG will introduce unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), imbued with social attributes, fostering a sense of community within the TON ecosystem. Consequently, participants from all walks of life will converge within the SquidTG game, collectively contributing towards the realization of TON’s Metaverse.

To enhance the accessibility of in-game assets, SquidTG game assets will soon be tokenized in the form of Jetton token $SQG, ensuring seamless participation for all users within the SquidTG Metaverse.

So, what lies ahead for SquidTG and the SquidTG Metaverse?

$SQD IDO and Token Airdrops

To facilitate the development of the SquidTG Metaverse, we have decided to establish the foundation of the SquidTG Metaverse — $SQD.

$SQD is the governance token of the SquidTG Metaverse. It will determine the direction of SquidTG’s games, the development path of the SquidTG Metaverse, and, most importantly, it will be the key to unlocking DeFi Summer on TON.

We have partnered with TonRaffles and Dedust for the ongoing $SQD IDO fundraising event. Join now:

$SQD Tokenomics

From the tokenomics model of $SQD, we can see that 20% of the tokens will be available for IDO, of which 51% of the raised amount will be matched with 9.18% of the tokens locked in the liquidity pool of the exchange for 6.9 years. This means that the team does not intend to retrieve this fund and is committed to contributing it to the SquidTG community.

The main token allocation will prioritize airdrops for SquidTG game users (45.8%) and participation in liquidity mining (15%).

Finally, 5% will be reserved for ecological partners and the team, contributing to the joint development of the SquidTG Universe and boosting TON’s growth.

In summary, there are several ways to acquire $SQD:

  1. Purchase eggs and hatch squids directly in SquidTG to earn $SQD airdrops.
  2. Participate in the IDO on TonRaffles.
  3. Provide liquidity for $SQD/$TON on Dedust to earn $SQD and other token rewards daily.
  4. Reach out to us to join the SquidTG team or become a SquidTG ambassador and collaborate with us.


There are various ways to obtain $SQD as mentioned above, and Airdrop is an immediate option available.

Here are the rules for the first wave of $SQD Airdrop, divided into Airdrop 1 & Airdrop 2:

Airdrop 1 (15%): For OG Squids

  • Players who joined SquidTG before 2024/2/28 00:00 UTC and hold a quantity of squid > 0 will evenly split 15% of the Airdrop 1 pool.

Airdrop 2 (15%): For Young Squids

  • The younger the Squid, the higher the Energy. Energy will gradually decrease as the Squid ages.
  • Calculation rule: The initial Energy of each newly hatched Squid is 1, and it will exponentially decrease over time, with a half-life of 14 days (29.3% decay in 7 days, 50% decay in 14 days).
  • The calculation of the half-life is by second, with decay occurring every second.

For example:

→ If 10,000 Squids are hatched today, Squid Energy = 10,000

→ After 7 days, if 20,000 Squids are hatched, Squid Energy = 10,000 * (1–29.3%) + 20,000 = 27,070

→ After another 7 days, Squid Energy = 27,070 * (1–29.3%) = 19,138

  • This calculation will start from the first day of the game launch and continue until the end of the IDO, and then a snapshot will be taken. Airdrop 2 pool will be distributed based on the proportion of all players’ Squid Energy.
  • The airdrop will occur within a week after the end of IDO.

Telegram bot for checking the airdrop energy: Telegram: Contact @squid_airdrop_bot

Last but not least, the SquidTG team invites you to join us in building the SquidTG Metaverse. Let’s seize the growth dividend in the early days of the TON ecosystem together.

SquidTG Metaverse, LFG!

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