Introducing BeMo: Revolutionizing Liquid Staking on The Open Network


What is BeMo?

BeMo is a pioneering non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. As the first liquid staking application on TON, BeMo allows users to stake their native TON tokens and receive stTON tokens in return. These stTON tokens can be freely utilized within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, providing flexibility and additional opportunities for users to maximize their investments.

The value of stTON tokens increases relative to TON as staking rewards accumulate after each validation round facilitated by the BeMo protocol. This innovative approach ensures that users benefit from the staking process while maintaining liquidity.

Who is Behind BeMo?

BeMo is the brainchild of a diverse and skilled team comprising traditional finance professionals, blockchain experts, and software developers. This team shares a unified vision of creating investment products that deliver value to all users, whether they are newcomers or seasoned blockchain enthusiasts.

The smart contracts powering BeMo were developed by the same team behind Fanzee, an innovative sports fan engagement platform and the first retail project launched on the TON blockchain. With over seven years of experience in building blockchain platforms and applications, this team ensures that BeMo operates with the highest standards of security and efficiency.

How BeMo Works

Protocol Overview

BeMo’s functionality is governed by a set of smart contracts on the TON blockchain. These contracts handle various essential tasks, including:

  • TON deposits and withdrawals
  • Minting and burning of stTON tokens
  • Transfer of TON tokens to participating validators
  • Receipt of staking fees
  • Validation and protocol fee calculation and distribution
  • stTON vs. TON price and exchange rate calculation

The key components of BeMo are the application’s smart contracts and the stTON token, which together facilitate a seamless staking experience.


To stake their tokens, users utilize the ‘Stake’ function within the BeMo application. Upon confirming the TON deposit transaction through their wallet, users receive stTON tokens. These tokens represent their share in the application’s TON token pool.

The number of stTON tokens received is determined by the smart contract’s algorithm, which considers the user’s staked TON amount and the current stTON/TON exchange rate.


Once the TON tokens are pooled in the smart contract, they are distributed among participating validating nodes. These nodes participate in validation rounds to approve TON blockchain transactions and earn network rewards.

After each validation round, the rewards (minus a service fee) are added directly to the BeMo TON token pool, enhancing its value. As the pool’s value increases, so does the TON price of stTON, reflecting users’ growing shares in the pool.


Users can initiate a withdrawal of their TON tokens using the ‘Unstake’ function in the BeMo application. Once unstaking is initiated, a cooldown period begins, lasting between 36 to 72 hours, depending on the phase and duration of the validation round.

After the cooldown period, stTON tokens are exchanged for TON tokens. The smart contract algorithm calculates the amount of TON tokens to be withdrawn based on the user’s unstaked stTON amount and the current stTON/TON exchange rate. Users can claim their requested TON tokens any time after the cooldown period expires.