iKNow (TON) - Unusual hybrid metaverse/game series with already working product

Here’s something unusual. Not meme , and its hybrid game universe with community driven principle. Token now on resale for 7 days.
Some info.

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This is probably one of the few projects that has a real product, and not just another memecoin.

iKnow is a token of the game of the same name “I know this place…?” Even, I would say, the multiverse. Judging by the description, the token will have its further use.

The guys’ tokenomics is quite powerful. There are various drops for users, as well as buyback. This means that some of the tokens will be purchased by the developers themselves, which will help maintain the coin’s exchange rate. After the launchpad, token trading will be available on ston.fi By the way, the guys are planning a listing on CEX! So these guys have huge potential. Also DAO principle.Players vote on the plot of future episodes. They can also acquire the right to place their item in the plot or an entire location according to their idea.
Project “I Know This Place…?” pilot chapter already on Steam and VK play. Chapter II in process.

iKnow (TON) now on presale at Tonraffles. It’s “fairlaunch” type of presale - all team tokens locked.

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

-DEX listing
-Dao integration and voting system
-Chapter II game and promotion
-New shortfilm (2 films already done)
-NFT, special game items and locations that every iKNow holder can get
-CEX negotiation

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Presale: Ton Raffles

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