Growing Your Community

It would be great to have a thread with ideas and best practices for growing your community.

What are some unique ways you have seen good growth on your projects and their communities?

Hey PopRocks!

I have many tricks to quickly grow a community.

  • Post daily quality human made content
  • Gather a team of volunteers within the community to support the content
  • Subscribe to telemetr combot, tonsoffriends and other annuary.
  • Be active on the chat answer the community, boostrap conversations, have fun!
  • Brand you group with stickers, meme, images, tell a story.
  • Be a charismatic person, the best web3 friend everyone wants to have.

idk if we can share links here but let’s try, here are my group & channel, 1 month old both. Ton French community.

btw I’m looking for CM positions, DM open on Telegram.

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