Gleam Open Beta — platform for Crypto projects and Telegram communities

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Gleam bot — platform for Crypto projects and Telegram communities

Launched on June 20th

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June 20 - July 3, 2024

  • Total users (MAU): 3,000,000
  • Daily active users (AVG): 400,000
  • UAW (unique active wallets), connected: 1,212,652
  • Total TON transactions: 6,793
  • Total Telegram Channels audience: > 1,500,000
  • Retention D1, D7, D14: 64%/45%/33%

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Gleam: A Platform for Impactful Crypto Projects✨

Gleam is designed to create a platform for meaningful crypto projects where users can participate. Our goals are to prioritize genuine user interest and participation, ensuring users are engaged and invested in the listed projects. We focus on building a high-quality, active community. In return, we demand that projects pay attention to the active users who bring value to the project. We offer users the opportunity to participate in projects they are interested in, rather than just being contest makers.

Gleam’s mini-app features a variety of reputable projects that we value, believe in, and that users can enjoy:

• JetTon — The first licensed Telegram gaming platform with over 5,000 games
• Storm Trade — A SocialFi DEX for leveraged trading
• Bookmaker XYZ — A platform where every bet earns you a piece of the house
• SolStone — Ultra-sonic swaps on Solana
And more.

See you in Gleam :eyes:

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