Gleam bot for Aqua protocol — rewards platform for Telegram communities

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Gleam bot for Aqua protocol

Launch on May 15th

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Total users (MAU): 2,333,591
New users this week: 672,459
Total referrals: 2,083,352
Active wallets (2 weeks): 33,466
Total TON transactions (2 weeks): 34,102
Total quests completed: 42,855,248
Total Telegram Channels audience: > 1,000,000
Total Crypto communities integrated: 27

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Gleam bot: Youri
Aqua protocol: Julia

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Gleam bot: @GleamPlatform
Aqua protocol: @julia_innovator

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Gleam bot <> Aqua protocol

  • :gift: Earn rewards
  • :trophy: Complete quests
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Refer friends
  • :bar_chart: Find your place on the leaderboard
  • :tada: Have fun!

Gleam is designed to create a platform for impactful projects. Our goals are to prioritize genuine user interest and participation, ensure users are engaged and invested in your project, and focus on building a high-quality, active community.

Aqua Protocol emerges as a pioneering decentralized platform, not only infusing stability into the dynamic cryptocurrency market but also functioning as a lending protocol. It primarily focuses on Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), with a special emphasis on TONCOINs and a variety of supported TONCOINs proof-of-stake LSTs as its key elements.

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