Ghastfi : Memecoin launchpad on The Open Network

Introducing Ghastfi

In anyone can create a memecoin in secs and start trading instantly. All you need is your creativity for the coin name, ticker and image

Dig Deeper

-Create :coin: MemeCoins on, with a fixed supply of 2 billion coins. :moneybag:

-At, all memecoins are initially held and managed by our bonding curve contract.

-After minting tokens, 2 billion tokens are available and users can buy them just like they would buy something from a vending machine.

-1.5 billion tokens are set for sale out of the total 2 billion minted.

-Once 1.5 billion tokens are sold, the sale closes.

-1.5 billion tokens are distributed among users, with 500 million remaining.

-Sales proceeds are collected in TON (1500 TON, roughly $10k).

-Fair distribution and value increase over time!

-After the sale, 500 million tokens and 1500 TON are pooled on Dex.

Demo video


:earth_americas: Website:
:robot: TWA: Telegram: Contact @ghast_fi_bot
:airplane: Telegram: Telegram: Contact @ghastfi
:cook: Technical overview: Document

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