$GEMSTON — stonfiers' community token


GEMSTON is an engagement token used to incentivize active participation in the STON.fi protocol.

The GEMSTON tokens are funded to staker’s wallet in the form of fungible tokens on TON
Blockchain and can be freely transferred, traded, or held at staker’s discretion.
The number of GEMSTON that are rewarded is calculated according to the following equation:
𝑌 = 𝑋 * 𝑚𝑖𝑛(𝑡, 𝑇) / 𝑇
where 𝑋 is the amount of staked STON, 𝑡 is lock-up duration in seconds, 𝑇 is number of
seconds in the 2-year period and 𝑌 is the amount of funded GEMSTON. So, the longer the
lock-up period, the more rewards and voting power are provided.
The supply of GEMSTON tokens is theoretically unlimited and STON.fi DAO is motivated to
introduce various mechanics that permanently remove GEMSTON tokens from circulation and
increase demand for these tokens.
We deliberately don’t provide detailed description of possible use cases for GEMSTON tokens
with a goal to engage the community in open discussion of GEMSTON utility

Roadmap: Omniston: zero-trust cross-chain DEX and RFQ-aggregator for TON as well as GEMSTON secret project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ston_fi

Re:doubt link: https://beta.redoubt.online/jetton/EQBX6K9aXVl3nXINCyPPL86C4ONVmQ8vK360u6dykFKXpHCa

Coinmarketcap link: GEMSTON price today, GEMSTON to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Coingecko link: GEMSTON Price: GEMSTON Live Price Chart, Market Cap & News Today | CoinGecko



Whitepaper with all the details: https://static.ston.fi/whitepaper.pdf

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