⛽️ GasPump – token launchpad with bonding curve

How :fuelpump: GasPump works:

  1. Any user can create a token for 0.3 TON in less than 2 minutes. All that’s needed are: an image, a name, and a $TICKER.

  2. Token instantly becomes tradable using a bonding curve algorithm (the earlier you buy – the lower the price, the later you buy – the higher the price). The token creator has the right to the first purchase at the lowest price. This is their only (!) privilege compared to other buyers. If the token you created is not bought by anyone, you can always sell it and get back all the invested TON (excluding a small fee).

  3. When the token’s market capitalization reaches ~$20K (equivalent to gathering 1000 TON), all the collected liquidity is automatically sent to DeDust to reach new heights. LP tokens are burned.

The token creator cannot scam or rug-pull you because the entire process is transparent and governed by bullet-proof smart contracts. :fuelpump: GasPump is the only way to fairly and safely launch a TON token.

And the cherry :cherries: on top: after creating or buying the token, you receive an automatically generated sticker pack with the token’s image for easy shilling!

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