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Froge is a new ecosystem on the TON blockchain, capturing the most popular industries in cryptocurrency. The main focus is on DeFi and DEX. In addition to the decentralized finance aspect, the FrogeWallet wallet, FrogeLaunch launchpad and P2E project aggregator are in development.
Our goal is to provide the most transparent project, built entirely together with the community using DAO elements.
The Froge ecosystem provides many use cases for the user - from staking the native Froge token and providing liquidity to pools to participating in presales and participating in the development of P2E projects.
To get a detailed look at the project, we suggest going to the website and looking at the white paper, where you can also find the road map.

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

###V0 2024 Start the concept
● Build the team
● Complete product design
● Organize project events
● Build a community
● Design the official website

###V1 2024 The implementation of the first phase
● Deploy FrogeSwap Beta 1.0 for testing
● Release White Paper 1.0
● Launch an NFT collection
● Launch $FROGE on fair launch

###V1.1 2024 Stage of FrogeGame testing
● Requite the early community supporters
● Launch the public testing of FrogeGames in the community
● Release White Paper 2.0
● Complete the code audit of FrogeSwap 2.0

###V2 2024 The implementation of the second phase
● Optimize the function of setting various custom parameters of FrogeSwap
● Launch the ecosystem integration program
● Eco-cooperation and marketing activities
● Commence the public testing of the FrogeSwap

###V2.1 2024 Stage of FrogeSwap launch
● Complete FrogeSwap 2.0 code audit and launch it
● Launch the ecosystem developer funding plan
● Provide DeFi services for froge tokens such as $FLY and $SNK
● Enable the swapping of standard tokens from different projects within the FrogeSwap ecosystem, including the implementation of the exchange function.

###V3 2024 The implementation of the third phase
● Launch the public testing of FrogeWallet in the community
● Launching the Froge Startup Support Fund
● The community’s choice of the concept of the next ecosystem complement

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CA: EQBB9cxobf-LL-MBzwkYpouIi8pITaufUKkZxFwGuSqXNayM
Fair launch: Ton Raffles
Getgems collection: Frogs on TON
Website: https://frogeswap.finance/
Bot with FROGEGAME V0 (AIRDROP): Telegram: Contact @frogegamebot
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @tonfroge
Twitter: https://x.com/FrogeTon
Whitepaper: https://frogeswap.finance/download/4906/?tmstv=1713810913

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