Foton – a TypeScript toolkit for developing TON dApps

Hey folks! Happy to present the Foton library for creating TON dApps with ease! :zap:

No need for mixing up tonweb, toncore, tonconnect and tonapi. No need for wondering what are cells and slices. Just use Foton and do what you need.

The library currently supports:

:white_check_mark: Wallet connection

:white_check_mark: Sending transactions

:white_check_mark: Querying the blockchain

:white_check_mark: Deploying and interacting with smart contracts

:white_check_mark: Blueprint and TON Connect integration for easy code migrations

:white_check_mark: Type safe interfaces with full auto-completion for contract methods and returns

You can start with Foton by building a simple Counter dApp in React. This tutorial will help you set up the environment, connect to a wallet and work with the counter smart contract.

:rocket: This is the first release of Foton, so expect that features might not work as expected. If you encounter any problem, please report it to GitHub issues or to the Telegram chat.

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