Exploring the Landscape of TON Blockchain APIs: A Comparative Guide

The TON (The Open Network) blockchain offers a variety of APIs, each designed to facilitate different aspects of application development. This guide provides an overview of the primary APIs available for interacting with the TON blockchain, including both core and third-party options. Additionally, we cover specialized APIs for tasks such as fetching Toncoin rates and converting addresses between formats. Our aim is to help developers choose the most suitable API for their projects by comparing their features, security, and use cases.


API Name URL Description Use Cases
TON HTTP API /develop/dapps/apis/toncenter Provides indexed blockchain information. Accessing account balances, transaction histories.
TON ADNL API /develop/dapps/apis/adnl Utilizes the ADNL protocol for secure communication. Securely communicating with the TON blockchain.

Third-party TON APIs

API Name URL Description Use Cases
tonapi.io https://docs.tonconsole.com/tonapi/api-v2 Fast indexed API for basic data and annotated transactions. Querying NFT, auction, and DNS data.
dton.io https://dton.io/graphql/ GraphQL API for detailed blockchain data. Advanced queries on accounts and transactions.
ton-api-v4 https://mainnet-v4.tonhubapi.com Focused on speed through CDN caching. Fast access to blockchain data.
NFT APIs https://docs.nftscan.com/reference/ton/model/asset-model APIs for accessing NFT data on TON. NFT data retrieval.
evercloud.dev https://ton-mainnet.evercloud.dev/graphql GraphQL API for basic TON queries. Basic blockchain queries.
everspace.center https://everspace.center/toncoin Simple RPC API for TON blockchain access. Accessing blockchain data.

Additional APIs

Toncoin Rate APIs

These APIs provide current and historical Toncoin exchange rates against various currencies, useful for financial applications and analytics.

Address Convert APIs

Address conversion APIs assist in converting TON addresses between their friendly and raw formats, enhancing user experience by enabling more intuitive address handling.


Choosing the right API depends on the specific requirements of your application, such as the need for real-time data, the type of data required, and the level of security necessary for your use case. While core TON APIs offer foundational access to blockchain data, third-party APIs can provide additional functionality, such as fast indexing, GraphQL support, and specialized data like NFTs. Additionally, APIs for Toncoin rates and address conversion are valuable tools for applications requiring financial data or user-friendly address formats.