Evolution of TON Blockchain: Exploring Technical Advancements in Global Versions

The Open Network (TON) Blockchain has undergone significant technical advancements with the introduction of various global versions. These versions, specified in ConfigParam 8, bring a plethora of new features, TVM instructions, and enhancements to the blockchain’s functionality.

Overview of Global Versions

Global version is a critical parameter in TON Blockchain that dictates the activation of specific features. The table below summarizes the key features enabled in different global versions:

Global Version Key Features
Version 4 New TVM instructions, Division enhancements, Extended c7 tuple, Action and Storage phase modifications
Version 5 Increased gas limits for special contracts, Changes in library loading, Adjustments in gas calculation
Version 6 Further extension of c7 tuple, New TVM instructions for fee calculation and cell operations, Optimization in gas usage

Detailed Analysis of Each Version

Version 4

Version 4 introduced a range of new TVM instructions, including PREVMCBLOCKS, PREVKEYBLOCK, GLOBALID, HASHEXT(A)(R), ECRECOVER, SENDMSG, RUNVM, RUNVMX, GASCONSUMED, and various RIST255_... and BLS_... instructions. The division instruction was enhanced to allow adding a number to the intermediate value before division. Stack operations saw improvements with unlimited arguments for certain operations and increased gas consumption for large arguments. The c7 tuple was extended to include additional elements such as the smart contract’s code, the incoming message’s value, fees collected in the storage phase, and information about previous blocks. Changes were also made to the action and storage phases, including requirements for failed “send message” actions and adjustments in unpaid storage fee handling.

Version 5

Version 5 focused on optimizing gas limits and library loading. Gas limits for transactions on special contracts were significantly increased, allowing for higher gas consumption without affecting block limits. Changes were made to the handling of library cells, including the prohibition of “nested libraries” and modifications to the XLOAD instruction. These changes aimed to improve the efficiency and reliability of library usage in smart contracts.

Version 6

The most recent update, Version 6, continued to expand the c7 tuple, now including config parameters as cell slices and the current debt for storage fees. New TVM instructions were introduced for more precise fee calculations, such as GETGASFEE, GETSTORAGEFEE, GETFORWARDFEE, and GETORIGINALFWDFEE. Additionally, cell operations were enhanced to support Merkle proofs with non-zero level cells, including instructions like CLEVEL, CLEVELMASK, CHASHI, CDEPTHI, CHASHIX, and CDEPTHIX. These improvements aimed to optimize gas usage and provide more flexibility in smart contract development.


The evolution of global versions in TON Blockchain demonstrates a continuous effort to enhance the platform’s capabilities, efficiency, and security. Each version brings new features and optimizations that cater to the growing demands of blockchain technology and its applications. As TON Blockchain progresses, it is expected that future versions will continue to introduce innovative changes, further solidifying its position as a leading blockchain platform.

For more detailed information about TON Blockchain and its technical specifications, you can visit the official TON documentation.