Empowering TON Validators: A Comprehensive Guide to Nominator Pool Mode Implementation

The decentralization of blockchain networks relies heavily on the contributions of validators to ensure integrity and stability. In The Open Network (TON), validators play a pivotal role, with the Nominator Pool Mode offering a unique avenue for enhanced participation and network support. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on setting up and running a validator node in Nominator Pool Mode, specifically tailored for validators aiming to optimize their contributions to the TON ecosystem.

Hardware Requirements and Setup

The foundation of a robust validator node begins with proper hardware setup:

  • CPU: 8 vCPUs
  • Memory: 64GB
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Connectivity: 1Gb/s internet speed with a fixed IP address

Distributing nodes across various geographical locations is recommended to prevent network congestion and enhance stability. Providers like Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Alibaba Cloud are preferred due to their reliability and global infrastructure.

Installation and Configuration

The journey to becoming a validator in Nominator Pool Mode involves several key steps:

  1. Installing mytonctrl: Begin by downloading and installing mytonctrl. Detailed instructions can be found here, covering the initial setup phases.

  2. Wallet Activation: With mytonctrl installed, activate your validator wallet using the aw command after transferring 1 TON to the wallet address listed in the wl command output.

  3. Creating Nominator Pools: Establish two nominator pools to accommodate both even and odd validation rounds, ensuring to set appropriate parameters for validator’s reward share, maximum number of nominators, and minimum stakes for validators and nominators.

    new_pool p1 0 1 1000 300000
    new_pool p2 0 1 1001 300000
  4. Activating Pools: Activate each pool by sending 1 TON to their respective addresses and using the activate_pool command.

  5. Deposits and Verification: Make validator deposits to each pool and invite nominators to contribute. Verification of pool configurations can be done through links provided by pools_list command.

  6. Pool Mode Activation: Finalize the setup by activating pool mode with the set usePool true command, allowing for automated participation in validation rounds.

Command Tutorials

Throughout the guide, specific commands are provided to facilitate the setup and management of the validator node and nominator pools. These include:

  • Wallet and Pool Activation: aw, activate_pool
  • Pool Creation and Management: new_pool, pools_list, deposit_to_pool
  • Mode Configuration: set usePool true, set stake null

These commands are integral to the successful setup and operation of a validator node in Nominator Pool Mode.

Best Practices for Validators

To maximize efficiency and network contribution, validators are encouraged to:

  • Maintain hardware specifications at or above the recommended levels.
  • Diversify node distribution to avoid geographical concentration.
  • Engage actively with the community to invite nominators and support network growth.


The implementation of Nominator Pool Mode represents a significant advancement in TON’s validator ecosystem, offering a scalable and inclusive framework for network participation. By following this guide, validators can effectively set up their nodes, contribute to network stability, and foster a more decentralized blockchain environment.

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