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N/A Right now, the pre-sale phase is underway on TonRaffles, soft cap passed

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:brick: DUROV BACK WALL (WALL) brought back the Wall and now you can draw graphiti in $WALL Bot - http://t.me/durovwall_bot

Here you can create your creatives, save them and participate in Contests with Rewards, details here https://t.me/durovbackwall/12

Airdrop is also available for Active $WALL Token Holders, details here https://t.me/durovbackwall/17

:point_right: Get your unique Referral Link to participate in Contests and Airdrop:

  1. :point_right: ACTIVATE WALL BOT (click)
  2. Link your wallet and invite friends using your unique referral link
  3. Enter the Contests using your referral link or just be an active $WALL token holder and get part of Airdrop


We have 5% allocated for Contests in our Tokenomics: they are locked on TonRaffles until the beginning of the DEX trading period

  1. Make your creatives on the Wall bot - save them

  2. Make posts with your creatives on your Twitter / Instagram / Facebook - add #WALL and #DUROVBACKWALL and also add your referral link in each post

  3. Write in the comments on Pavel Durov’s Instagram: - #WALL and #DUROVBACKWALL with YOUR CREATIVES DONE IN WALL BOT

  4. Send screenshots with posts and links to them in our group Graffiti Room: Telegram: Join Group Chat

The most active participants will receive rewards in tokens $WALL increase your chances do more activity and get additional rewards !

:brick: Information about Airdrop for Holder

We have allocated 7% for Airdrop in our Tokenomics: it is locked on TonRaffles until May 15
Active participants (Holders) will get it from May 15 to May 20 after unlocking, about which there will be an additional announcement.

:airplane: Who will qualify for Airdrop Holders Rewards:

  1. To participate in Airdrop you need to join our Wall Bot + Link your wallet and invite your friends with a referral link = Active referrers will be Rewarded

  2. Active Referrers means to be an active participant of the project, to promote your referral link and tell about the project, to support project posts and to be a Holder of $WALL tokens from 5 TON and more on that wallet you linked in Wall Bot

  3. If these simple conditions are met, the most active will receive a part of the 7% reward, which will be distributed from May 15 to May 20. Our Airdrop is for Active Holders and to support the project if you don’t want to be a $WALL Holder just participate in Contests

FairLaunch is now going on TonRaffles, we have passed SoftCap and continue to grow, come and buy now: Ton Raffles

By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


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