Deploying TON Storage and Proxy Services Using Docker: A Comprehensive Guide


The TON Storage Docker facilitates the deployment of decentralized storage solutions on the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain, encompassing both a storage daemon and a storage gateway within a singular Docker container. For enhanced functionality, users can optionally deploy a TON proxy container. This document provides a detailed walkthrough for setting up these services, configuring storage parameters, and uploading content to TON storage.

Setup and Configuration

The process to get started with TON Storage Docker involves initial configuration, adjustment of environment settings, building Docker images, and running the services. The table below outlines the critical steps and corresponding commands:

Step Command Description
Initial Configuration ./ mainnet or ./ testnet Initializes the environment for either the mainnet or testnet. Optionally, enable TON proxy with TON_PROXY_ENABLED=1.
ADNL Address Setup N/A For existing ADNL addresses, place relevant files in private/.
Environment Settings Check and edit .env Customize settings such as ports, IP addresses, and verbosity levels in the .env file.
Docker Image Building docker-compose build Builds Docker images for the TON storage daemon, gateway, and optionally, the TON proxy.
Running Services docker-compose up -d Launches the Docker containers for TON storage and proxy services.

Uploading Content to TON Storage

To upload content to TON Storage, users should place files in the exchange folder, access the Docker container’s shell, and utilize the storage-daemon-cli tool following the provided instructions. This process enables the creation of a “bag of files” for storage on the TON blockchain.

Configuration Settings

Settings for the TON Storage Docker are primarily managed within the .env file. Detailed below are the key configuration options for the storage daemon, storage gateway, and TON proxy:

Storage Daemon Settings

Setting Description
TON_STORAGE_ADNL_PORT Specifies the port for ADNL queries.
TON_STORAGE_CONTROL_PORT Defines the control port for daemon management.
TON_STORAGE_VERBOSITY_LEVEL Sets the verbosity level for logging.
TON_STORAGE_PUBLIC_IP Indicates the public IP address of the storage service.

Storage Gateway Settings (WIP)

Setting Description
TON_STORAGE_GATEWAY_PORT Port for storage gateway operations.
TON_STORAGE_GATEWAY_DOMAIN Domain name for the storage gateway (work in progress).

Proxy Settings

Setting Description
TON_PROXY_ENABLED Enables or disables the TON proxy service.
TON_PROXY_PORT HTTP listening port for the proxy.
TON_PROXY_ADNL_PORT Port for ADNL queries through the proxy.
TON_PROXY_VERBOSITY_LEVEL Sets the verbosity level for proxy operations.


Q: How do I verify if the TON proxy is operational?

A: You can verify the proxy’s functionality using curl commands to send requests through your proxy or public TON proxies. Successful HTML code retrieval indicates an operational proxy.


Deploying TON Storage and Proxy services using Docker streamlines the process of participating in the TON blockchain’s decentralized storage ecosystem. By following the setup instructions, adjusting configuration settings, and utilizing the provided tools for content upload, users can efficiently manage and access decentralized storage solutions on the TON network.