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Our service, focusing on social media promotion, does not incorporate a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) mechanism, and therefore, does not have a Total Value Locked (TVL) metric. As our platform operates primarily on social media marketing and promotion, the concept of TVL, which is prevalent in DeFi platforms to represent the total capital held in their financial contracts, is not applicable to our service model.

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The Telegram bot service for social media promotion offers a wide range of features and opportunities for users:

  • Order Placement: Users can easily place orders for various social media services directly through the bot, selecting the necessary parameters and options.
  • Service Selection: The service provides a wide assortment of SMM services, from increasing engagement to boosting follower counts.
  • Cryptocurrency Payment: A unique feature is the ability to pay for services using cryptocurrencies, including TON and tokens on its blockchain, ensuring convenience and security in transactions.
  • Creating Own Bots: Users can create personal Telegram bots for their own promotion purposes, as well as to earn from referral programs.

Affiliate Program:

  • Referral rewards are divided into two levels:
    • Level 1 Referrals: For users you directly recruit, you receive 12% of their purchases.
    • Level 2 Referrals: For users recruited by your referrals, you earn 4% of their transactions.
  • Registration Bonus: For each user who activates the bot via your referral link, you receive an additional fixed bonus.

Additional Features:

  • Check Creation: The platform allows the creation of checks and multi-checks for convenience in accounting and reporting.
  • Integration with Wallets and Platforms: Built-in integration with Wallet, Crypto bot, and Tegro.Money simplifies financial management and transaction processing within the service.

This system offers a comprehensive approach to social media management and promotion, providing convenience and efficiency for users and partners.

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