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DAOLama is the first lending protocol in the ecosystem

Roadmap for 2024

Staking and farming
Launch of the game and new NFT collection
Lending protocol for tokens


Website $LLAMA: We give you TON for NFT at daolama.co
Token addres: EQDJXgXvdkTCG0N6-e6B1-fl1U1LnPHMYpqio3UEA9KAZ07j
Dyor: https://dyor.io/ru/token/EQDJXgXvdkTCG0N6-e6B1-fl1U1LnPHMYpqio3UEA9KAZ07j
Geckoterminal: LLAMA/TON - цена LLAMA на бирже DeDust с комиссией 0.4% | GeckoTerminal
Link to the token’s page on Coinmarketcap/CoinGecko: soon

$LLAMA Tokenomics

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

Total Supply: 100,000,000 - 100%

  • Private sale 11% - was available only to daolama NFT holders, many of them are our long-time users who have been holding 30-40-50 NFTs for more than a year, the sale lasted several hours and ended earlier than planned.

  • Presale 2% passed in the form of an incentive for using the daolama platform in March-April 24. Private and Presale have a vesting of 6 and 3 months.

  • Public sale 3% - passed on TONUP

  • Staking - holders who are ready to block their tokens for a selected period will receive an additional reward.

  • Farming includes the distribution of tokens for simple actions in the mini-app, incentives for providing liquidity, as well as receiving a token in the game.

  • Staking & Farming 30%

  • Team 15% - sent to support the team, including new members lockup + vesting 24 months

  • Liquidity 15% - listing on popular DEX and CEX.

  • Marketing 14% - will be used to promote the token, encourage influencers, collaborations and airdrops.

  • Reserve 10% - will be used at the discretion of the team and the community, including as a security deposit in unforeseen situations

Token Privileges $LLAMA

  • Distribution of service profits among holders

  • Participation in auctions for unredeemed NFTs for a token

  • Using the token in the token landing protocol, more options, lower liquidation thresholds and 0% stake

  • Using a token in mechanics with an NFT collection (crafting/fractionalization and upgrade to increase benefits)

  • Staking and farming

  • Using the token in rental and marketplace services

  • Reduced fees for token holders

  • Using the token in new products

  • Participation in DAO, access to reporting and closed AMA sessions

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