💧 Curdle - Revolution Stable Swap on TON blockchain

We are thrilled to unveil the Curdle Protocol on TON research! Dive into the future of stable swaps with Curdle, where innovation meets efficiency. :fire: :fire: :fire:

Curdle Protocol: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

Low Slippage
:point_right: Experience trading like never before with Curdle’s minimal slippage, ensuring the ultimate trading experience.

Capital Efficiency
:point_right: Curdle pools various tokens with highly concentrated liquidity, maximizing your trading efficiency.

Low IL (Impermanent Loss)
:point_right: Curdle minimizes impermanent loss for liquidity providers, making it a safer and more profitable choice.

Our protocol’s standout feature is the ability to pool multiple tokens with customizable weights, setting us apart from competitors like Ston Fi and Dedust. Traders benefit from incredibly low fees and ultra-low slippage, enhancing their trading experience significantly.

We are excited to gradually release our whitepaper, algorithms, architecture, solidify mechanism, FunC best practices, and open-source contracts. Stay tuned for our upcoming referral program and exciting events.

Visit our testnet version and be part of the revolution:

Sometimes you might come across the mysterious message "TON is dead." Don't worry, it's just the TON testnet blowing up!


( :eyes: A tutorial on how to use the protocol will be provided in the next article. Please keep an eye out for it!)



Provide Liquidity

Buy test tokens ( 1:1 exchange rate with testnet ton)

When blockchain nodes blow up :boom:

Join us in reshaping the future of stable swaps. The journey begins now!


This project so fire :fire:


Wow u guys just do the right things in this moment. Can I dm you.

Updated after playing website:

Wow the price quite stable.


curdle is so awesome!!! :ocean: :ocean:


GM!! I have some idea for you. Let’s start a chat.

Thank u for contributing these projects. I am so curious about gas comsumption.

Can’t wait to see it on mainnet


Thank you :call_me_hand: However, instead of saying ‘so fire,’ I would suggest you say ‘this project is so curdle.’ :laughing:

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Of course. We are open for any tech / cooperation discussions :fire:

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Your use of emojis is spot on! Even if there’s a tsunami in terms of liquidity, Curdle Protocol can make it curdle. :ice_cube:


Oh? You mean gas calculation? This is quite a tricky issue in TON development. Maybe we can discuss it here? Also, we will release our best practices for funC development in future topics. Join our tg channel for more updates! :fire:

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