Comprehensive Guide to Using Wallet via Telegram


Wallet is a user-friendly and efficient service designed for cryptocurrency transactions directly through Telegram. It enables users to buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies, and send TON without fees between Telegram users. This post aims to provide a detailed overview of Wallet, addressing common queries and how to utilize its features effectively.

1. Getting Started with Wallet

Feature Description
What is Wallet? A service integrated with Telegram for easy cryptocurrency operations such as buying, selling, exchanging, and direct TON transfers between users.
Creating/Adding Wallet Address Activate your account by pressing the Start button in Wallet. Navigate to Menu → ‘My Wallet’ → ‘Deposit’ to create or add a wallet address for your chosen crypto.
Generating a New Wallet Address Wallet addresses are permanent and cannot be changed once created.
Adding an Existing Wallet Direct import of external wallets is not supported due to custodial storage limitations.

2. Customization and Usage

Feature Description
Language and Currency Settings Change the interface language and local currency via Menu → ‘Settings’. These adjustments can enhance your Wallet experience by tailoring it to your preferences.
Adding Wallet to Attachment Menu Enhances accessibility, allowing for quick cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges directly from the Telegram chat interface.

3. Viewing Balances and Transactions

Feature Description
Balance and Transaction History Accessible through the ‘Open Wallet’ button, displaying total and individual asset balances, with transaction details available under the balance in the Attachment Menu.

4. Troubleshooting and Support

Feature Description
Non-Blockchain Operations Internal Wallet transactions are not recorded on the blockchain, facilitating instant, fee-free transfers.
NFT and Token Support Currently, Wallet does not support NFTs and tokens. Contact support for assistance regarding these assets.
Device Compatibility Ensure your device and Telegram app meet the specified requirements for optimal performance with Wallet. Troubleshooting steps include clearing the WebView cache.

5. Availability

Wallet is accessible to users in numerous countries, with specific restrictions applied to certain jurisdictions due to regulatory reasons.


Wallet by Telegram offers a seamless and integrated experience for managing cryptocurrencies. For further assistance or to resolve any issues, please reach out to Wallet’s support team. Stay updated with the latest news and features by subscribing to the Wallet News channel on Telegram.

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