Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up and Running a TON Full Node

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough for setting up and running a full node on the TON Blockchain using the MyTonCtrl tool, developed by the TON Foundation. It is designed for those who wish to install, configure, and manage their own TON nodes on supported Linux distributions. The instructions include prerequisites, hardware requirements, installation steps, becoming a validator, setting up a liteserver mode, and troubleshooting common issues.


Ensure your system meets the following prerequisites:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Debian 11
  • User: Non-root with sudo privileges

Hardware Requirements

Component Requirement
CPU 16 cores
Storage 1TB NVME SSD or Provisioned 64+k IOPS
Network Connectivity 1 Gbit/s
Public IP Address Fixed
Monthly Traffic 16 TB/month on peak load

Recommended Cloud Providers

Provider Instance Type CPU RAM Storage Network Public IP Traffic
AWS m5.4xlarge 16 vCPUs 64 GB 1 TB NVMe SSD Up to 10 Gbps Elastic IP 16 TB/month
GCP n2-standard-16 16 vCPUs 64 GB 1 TB NVMe SSD persistent disk 16 Gbps Static external IP 16 TB/month
Alibaba Cloud ecs.g6.4xlarge 16 vCPUs 64 GB 1 TB NVMe SSD disk Up to 10 Gbps Elastic IP 16 TB/month

Note: Prices and configurations may vary. Always consult the provider’s official documentation.

Installation Steps

  1. Prerequisites Setup: Ensure you are using a non-root user with sudo privileges.
  2. MyTonCtrl Installation: Download and execute the installation script for your Linux distribution.
  3. Running MyTonCtrl: Access the MyTonCtrl console and verify the node status.

Becoming a Validator

  1. View and Activate Wallets: Use the provided commands to view wallet lists and activate your wallet.
  2. Set Stake: Optionally, manually set your stake size.
  3. Join Elections: MyTonCtrl will automatically participate in validator elections.

Liteserver Mode Setup

For running a liteserver, follow the outlined steps, including hardware requirements adjustment and firewall configuration.


  • Error 651: Indicates no nodes found. Solution: Check firewall and NAT settings.
  • Validator Console Issues: Run MyTonCtrl from the correct user account.
  • Block Is Not Applied: Normal during synchronization. Retry after a delay.
  • Out of Sync Issue: If syncing takes too long, consider reinstallation.
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